Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Saved It!

According to this story from, Friday Night Lights has been renewed for a third season. Hooray!!! So now you all have time to catch up with the first two seasons so that we can all watch it together for season 3. Take that, patricia arquette!!


Becca said...

i am waiting for the barrage of angry comments!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you "saved" your favorite show, but you really could do it without resorting to poking fun at someone who has never done anything to you, and doesn't your ridicule or sarcasm.
Really, grow up and leave Patricia Arquette alone.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! You got the title of your little blog wrong! It should be "Stoopider than Cool" cuz that's what it is!!! You are actually spending your time campaigning to save a stupid television show, and using Patricia Arquette as a scapegoat, and you actually think you've done something!!
Now that's stoopid! There are a lot more important things in the world that you could be trying to help, that would actually be worthwhile, and you think by saving a crappy tv show from cancellation, that you've done something meaningful. Your mother must be so proud.
And just so you know, Patricia Arquette doesn't spend her time writing a pathetic blog about a pathetic television show. She actually does something meaningful with her time(besides working on her show, which has never needed a "Save Our Show" campaign, by the way). She devotes all of her spare time to worthy causes and helping those less fortunate than her.
And what have YOU done today?

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an accomplishment! Saving a television show from cancellation while there are young people being gunned down in the streets, animals being tortured and killed, soldiers fighting in a war zone thousands of miles from home, homeless people living on the streets, people starving to death all around the world, people dying from AIDS, cancer, and countless other terrible diseases, and the state of our society is going down the drain because there are too many people like you who are more concerned about a television show or blogging on the internet than actually doing something useful.Instead of using your blog to promote awareness of social issues and make a difference, you're saving a television show from cancellation.
Good on ya, mate. You must be so proud.

christine! said...

waiiiit a second...are those anonymouses you, ricky? or are there actual people actually trolling blogs for patricia arquette references when they could be protecting young people from being gunned down in the street? DUDE WHOA. i have to hope i just got punk'd.

Sara said...

the last one. you must've missed it the first time it happened.

christine said...

i didn't miss it, i just cannot cannot cannot believe it happened again!!!!!!!!
like, do they check your site daily for p. arquette updates?
dude whoa.