Tuesday, March 04, 2008

WRC: AI - Top 8 boys

Paula Wast-o-meter: 8.7 welcome back, p. someone just refilled her prescription.

Jason Castro - marry me
David Archuleta - right from the start you had my heart
David Cook - the same thing that creeps me out about phillip seymour hoffman, creeps me out about this guy. i don't know exactly what it is though.
Michael Johns - at least he knows he's inxs boy
David Hernandez - this queen sings celine. embracing the press i see.
Chikezie - meh
Danny - he is prettier than most girls i know
Luke - wake me up before you go go. oh luke. oh no.

i think luke is definitely going home and either chikezie or danny (depending on vote for the worst i guess) will follow. however, if danny can successfully out ryan seacrest on national tv, he can place wherever he wants.

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