Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SRC: ANTM - Fatima sux, claire rulz

Fatima was humbled by being in the bottom 2 last week. She feels like there's no room for mistakes. i feel like with fatima, there's room for anything. EAT A SANDWICH!! she looks kind of like the cover art of my old fave John Bellairs books, which is to say, she looks like an edward gorey drawing. I kind of am starting to love Whitney. Love and hate. Ugh, there's Benny Ninja again. Meh. Dominique asks how many people can say they've met the "inventor of the vogue". Umm, considering how many times he's been on my tv in the last two years, I'd say probably a lot. vendela shows up to teach about the three c's: catalogue, couture, and commercial.

uh oh, there's phone call drama. dominique shows her true colors as one of those women who thinks she's better than others and entitled to more because she is a mother. she picks a fight with whitney. whitney fights back. they both say mean things. umm, i'm gonna side with whitney here, mostly because dominique talks about herself in the third person, but Whitney called Dominique uneducated (it was kind of harsh when she was making fun of how dominique talks) but dominique is the one that made it about race. i have a feeling whitney wouldn't have had a problem calling dominique uneducated if she were white or any other race. she's pretty outspoken.

the girls are taken to pose battle with vendela and benny ninja. they are split in two teams. the winning team gets a trip to some anonymous swag tent. one girl on that team will win an additional special prize. Claire wins! bcs she RULZ! she wins a trip to bora bora. fancy!

marvita worries that she's too ghetto for this! Aww! Marv! fatima, behind her back, agrees.

the photo shoot is a tight head shot with paint splattered all over their faces. oh, in addition to paint it looks like they have theatrical gels on their heads. is that Rosco 46 i see?

DOMINIQUE - great pic. she's totally mr. burns IRL though.
ANYA - nice pic again. Rich may be right about anya making it far, hence much editing to make her seem less annoying.
KATARZYNA - hott! tyra disses her bun makin' skillz.
FATIMA - hairy armpits. they totally would've retouched that, they just wanted to make fun of her.
LAUREN - lost her shoes. awesome picture.
WHITNEY - weird picture. vendela hates her.
CLAIRE - Rules forever!
MARVITA - marvita's picture is saddest molested girl in the world.
STACEY ANN - still struggling overall, but great singular picture.
AIMEE - does well, but is too chameleonlike.

claire is covergirl of the week 4 times running! FTW!

tyra stole lauren's shoes. ho hum. stacey ann is called first, dominique next and claire (!) third. everyone else follows until we are left with marvita and whitney. but it's not quite plus size time yet, and we all know poor marvita didn't have a chance. so marvita goes and whitney lives to see another week. aww, i was just starting to like her.

that huge poster of tyra in the house is reminiscent of the painting from ghostbusters 2 that used to scare the shit out of me.

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