Thursday, March 20, 2008

crazy brain

i've had a long busy week, so my tired deliriousness set in around wednesday and has been with me since. thursday was the worst day for me mentally. by the end of the day, my brain was fuzzy, i couldn't complete sentences, and my eyes were at perma-half mast. so imagine what kind of real/imaginary crisis i went through when i spotted each of the following things:

- on my walk to the train i passed a dude in an elmo costume and another in a bugs. bugs was pretty short, which was hilarious..but what weirded me out was that i couldn't really tell what they were promoting. and usually, when you're on mascot duty, you have some sort of handler around you to help you navigate whilst walking (i know from experience)...this is actually one of my favorite things in life to see because its essentially two adults who probably aren't that close, holding hands and walking. and one is in a big furry suit. anywho, these guys had no handlers. and they were kind of being roughly messed around with by some rowdy people. i felt so sad for them. and confused.

- i passed a shell gas station with a huge sign advertising FREE MICROFIBER TOWEL WITH PURCHASE. the picture had three towels in primary colors and at the bottom said "COLLECT ALL THREE!". this struck me as so odd at the time, but i guess now it makes sense for people who like...have cars...and wash them...i guess.

- also in the middle of times square, a giant half globe and a zen garden. i actually knew what this was about because my friends worked on it, so it didn't strike me as odd, but i'm trying to stick to the rule of three here.

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Becca said...

haha ok. regarding the elmo & bugs walking down the street and being sort of roughed up. 1. it's hilarious in and of itself and 2. my co-worker had a dora the explorer work at her kids birthday party last year and dora had a serious tude, and now it sort of makes sense why...everyone harrasses them!