Monday, March 31, 2008

wuz not seeling cat

Here is part two of what i'm hoping will be only a three part saga.

As soon as i saw that my ceiling had thrown up, I called my super. He said he'd be up in a minute, but then i got an immediate call back from some guy that must've been right next to him saying that Nyron (my super) had to step out for "5" but he'd come up as soon as he returned. This was approximately 1:00pm. At 7:30 pm (there goes my day), the old fellow who lives directly below me and is another one of the super's lackeys knocked at my door. He told me that Nyron would not be able to make it to me today, probably not until monday, but that he was there to check it out. He walks in, looks at my hole (ceiling hole you filthos) and goes "Woah". He then says that he has similar stuff in his apartment, all throughout the apartment (yikes) because someone upstairs is leaking. He also told me that exact spot had been repaired before (not well enough obviously). He went to his apartment to get some bags and said he'd be right back to clean it up. When he returned, he went to work cutting away the paint and removing the parts of ceiling. He asked me if it was dry...i told him it had been dry all day, but when i discovered it, it was obvious that some stuff had gotten wet. He very kindly wiped up my shelves with a rag and swept the floor up (after profusely apologizing that he couldn't bring his vaccuum because the bag was full). He then...umm..kind of diapered my ceiling with a small white trash bag to cover the hole, holding it in place with scotch tape. He then told me that nyron would be in touch to make an appointment, and took his leave.

At one point later in the day, a tiny bit of water started trickling out...and as you may or may not know, scotch tape does not hold up well to water... so i put an extra bag he left on top of my bookshelf. This is now what phase two looks like:

This brings us to Sunday. I get up, go to boxing, come home, do my laundry, and do a little bit of apartment cleaning. All of this physical activity has wiped me out, so i stumble over to my bed. I wake up about thirty minutes later and wonder who is in the shower. Then I fly up and run to the living room to see water pouring out of my ceiling hole. because of the nifty way i fashioned the shelf bag, the water is being diverted away from my tv and electronics, but still falling straight to the floor and also a little bit on my guitar amp. i think i'm acting fast when i run to save my amp, but realize it was a poor idea to step in a huge puddle of water with my socks. so i throw those off, pull my pants off (hott!), and grab some towels to throw on the ground. then i throw my largest water catching item, a pot, under the ceiling hole. Finally, i wrap the cords and outlets to protect them from water. At this point, the water has stopped coming out...I set up one more bag over my tv/electronics in case this happens again while i'm out.

so, this really sucks. i'm not home until after seven for the rest of the week, so who knows when i can get this hole fixed. also, what the hell is this huge leak? shouldn't that water be in pipes? no wonder the ceiling fell! how long was it holding up that amount of water daily? and if it affects my apartment and the apartment below mine, why is it just being covered up instead of repaired? i mean...if you're gonna raise my rent, the least i can expect is a literal roof over my head, right?

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Becca said...

the saga continues!!

i can't wait for part 3 - and the resolution hopefully!