Thursday, March 27, 2008

SRC: ANTM - my fantasy team is hurtin'

Previously: Marvita was the saddest girl in the world, so she went home. just when i was starting to like her too.

Guess what, guys? Lauren is STILL AWKWARD. everyone hates dominique. claire is all sad that her milk is drying up so she yells at dominique. as if i needed another reason to love her! Claire calls D a "shady bitch". Luvs it! Dominique's all "you call your husband a bitch?" (and really, what? completely different. dominique, she loves her husband. she does not like you.) claire's all "at least i have a husband". that's a dumb thing to say as a 24 year old to a 23 year old. this ain't the 1950's no mo claire. claire apologizes, dom's all 'you still said it' (ugh) lauren's all "she apologized!" dom's all "stay in your place" and...the punk comes out. lauren's mad.

apparently, tyra moonlights as the fab cab driver. she tells the girls to get dressed. they scream. i'm gonna start screaming in people's faces in response to requests. they get in their matching red unflattering outfits. yards better than when she dressed them as band-aids the last time, but still like used tampons . she tells us to "think pain, but beauty". wise. she tells them to pose like they have period pain and wonders why they can do that pose so well. is it because you don't remember life before the change, ty-ty? or maybe it's because they're dressed like used tampons.

tyra tells the girls they will have a pain pose off. everyone but lauren is decent. when they get home, they find out that was actually their challenge. anya wins. she wins a one on one photo shoot with nigel. hot! nigel tells anya they are ditching the clothes. down to business, nice. nigel shoots her COMPLETELY NAKED. how is this okay to spring on someone? she seems rather comfortable with it though.

dominique calls claire, whit, and lauren monkeys because they are talking about her while she is trying to sleep. i doubt she would take it well if they did the same to her. ugh claire is being mean to dominique, but i just cannot sympathize. i do not like her.

the girls meet jay in williamsburg. lauren gives a whassup to her homies. for their photo shoot, they are posing as a specific type of music.

fatima - metal rock. impresses the judges. has yet to impress me.
katarzyna - emo. haha! she's so emo! luvs it! the judges decide to give her another hair cut because she works the emo one so well.
lauren - pop. awesome. she's like "what is this...pop?" but still does it well.
claire - country. uh oh. claire might be having problems this week. tyra says its her worst shoot. dominique smiles.
dominique - folk. perfect. she's deluded so it makes sense. meh. i don't love the picture. i think she looks especially manly.
anya - punk. the judges think she falls into great poses by accident.
stacey-ann - house. still posing her same five expected poses.
aimie - r&b. haha. whoever assigned these is a genius. aimee struggles.
whitney - grunge. is upping her game around plus size time..will she go farther than any plus size before her?

tyra introduces guest judge (and photographer) russell james as "a guy i know very well". How is that an introduction?

covergirl of the week: claire. yes!

Whitney is called first, followed by katarzyna (yes!) and fats (uh..why?). everyone else is called until Aimee and claire remain. total ouch for my team. oh dear. i don't want either to go. eeeee. someone has to thought and i think it'll be aimee. :( tyra says aimee was assigned one of the easiest --- HOLD UP, maybe for YOU, tyra "shake ya body" banks, but not for an ex-mormon. tyra says claire's shoot was her worst. i'm right, claire stays. aimee cries her sweet little heart out. ridiculous that she's been consistently awesome with her pictures and boring-os like stacey-ann and fatima are still there.

grumble grumble grumble

so now i don't know who to fill my empty space with. lauren takes good pictures, but i worry about her inability to present herself well, especially with go-sees next week. then i considered anya, since she's doing so well, but it seems like they are starting to notice that she is mostly by accident. i dislike fatima and dominique, i don't think stacey-ann will last much longer, and whitney's the plus size. but she's doing really well, so whitney is in. thanks for the help guys!

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