Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceiling Hole: The Final Frontier

As of 2:30 pm today, May 27, 2008, the saga of my ceiling hole has reached its end. My super came in and painted her over and about an hour later, you couldn't even tell it was ever there.

of course, with my luck, we know this isn't the end of my woes. I'd been noticing a decline in the cooling power of my refrigerator recently...sodas weren't as cold anymore, my milk was spoiling a day or two earlier than the sell by date, produce would die rather quickly. It wasn't until I bought a full load of groceries last Wednesday and had to throw half of them out last Saturday that I completely realized that my refrigerator is effed. My super looked at it today while he was here and put a serviceman on the case (who still has yet to call), but here's what i have to deal with now:

I'm a single gal on my own, so when i cook, it lasts for two meals. so, i could cook dinner and then throw out the leftovers-- a complete meal -- but i just can't bring myself to do that. (i'm having the same problem with ordering out..unfortunately, i had to throw out a lot of delicious cashew chicken last night.) further preventing me from cooking is the fact that, while my freezer still works and is properly keeping my meat safe, I don't have anything to go with my meat. If i made pasta and opened a can of sauce, i'd have to throw half of it out. at this point i can really only cook a bowl of meat and eat it by itself. or with peanut butter. can i just say, thank god for peanut butter? i've been surviving on peanut butter and ice cubes for the last few days. i'm currently employing my last banana as a makeshift "lunch" of pb and banana. needless to say, i'm very hungry right now.

Friday, May 23, 2008

virtual dance party!

YO! OMGtheblog!!11!!

- someone wins something (but which someone, and what something?)

- robotinez's "feelings" get hurt

- you haven't missed very much on paradise hotel

and finally,

- OMG it's the 500th post!!!!!!!!!!=^-_-^=!!!!!!!2!!@@!111!

500th POST

In honor of our 500th post, cooler than stupid decided to give back to our cooler than stupid family. We love to give of ourselves, we particularly enjoy giving in the form of dance.

So we invited the coolface fam to a virtual dance party. Sandy, Christine, Ricky, Natalie and Mercedes were all there and rocked out big time.

And now for some more big news. We would now like to welcome the newest members of the cooler than stupid family. Please join us in a round of applause for Bill and Adrienne!

P.S. - if anyone is in need of a graphic designer, please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SRC: PH2 - who puts the ho in hotel?

i just wanted to give a paradise hotel update here, mainly to say "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHOW IS STILL GOING ON?!?!!" i'm sure none of you knew that because i'm the only one that watches, but seriously i feel like this show started a year ago...there have probably been close to a thousand episodes and the best part is that in each episode, NOTHING HAPPENS! it's taken me this long to realize it...i mean i always knew that there was no real game in the show, people just make friends and enemies and call it strategy...but they've even stopped with the nightly theme dances (disco night, etc). The whole hour is just these guys hanging out! and they've stopped adding people so there is no new meat coming in! every other episode there's a pandora's box where they anonymously ask burning questions. the other exciting events that happen are roommate selection and elimination, but roommate selection has pretty much ceased. NOTHING HAPPENS! i actually think this week was the finale. it's a good thing i stopped recapping because as of last week i was five episodes behind. I'm down to three now i think, but as i mentioned, the contestants have picked their permanent roommates now. what else can happen? no one's really even hooking up! that's the whole point! this season is definitely not as fun as the first, many moons ago.

and to anyone who is curious or followed any of the previous recaps, the remaining six are Mike, Ryan, Zack (i wasn't recapping anymore when he came on, but this familiar face was a contestant on season 1), Stephanie, Tidisha, and Krista (the virgin made it!!!). really at this point i don't care who takes it.

more importantly, last year, my bff david got me to watch so you think you can dance. i'd never seen it before and joined when they had about 8 or so left. i loved it and am actually pretty excited for tonight's premiere, so i can see what this show is like from the start. will anyone else be watching?

(i don't know why i ask questions, you guys rarely answer.)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Have I offended you?

So I've been trekking around town with the ol' robot boot for about two and a half weeks now, with about a week and a half left to go, so i've had plenty of time to get used to things like walking, stair climbing, and hill hiking. however, something i have not been able to get used to are the weird looks that people shoot me. some people, it seems, just notice the boot as an afterthought...those looks i don't mind. becca suggested that maybe some people were curious about how i got my injury...i personally felt that gave a little too much credit to other people thinking about the lives of strangers, but i suppose i do come across looks that can be interpreted as such. the looks that really throw me off are the ones i seem to get most often.

i often wear my sunglasses everywhere...i don't usually take them off on the train because i feel like it's too much of a hassle to put them away and take them out again (but also, sometimes i fall asleep and i don't like people knowing i'm asleep)...so i can see these looks that people give me when they think i'm looking at something else. the look i get most often is when i am walking down the street, and someone who is about to pass me first looks at me as a whole walking, then they look down at my busted leg, then they look straight in my face and glare at me for about 2 seconds. what the fuck? this has happened several times. do they think i'm faking an injury because i'm walking around? because...i mean the purpose of that boot is to help me walk around. if they didn't want me walking, they would've put me on crutches. also, it can't be that i'm that much slower. true, i can't walk quickly, but i walk pretty close to my normal pace because of the way the boot is curved. the only time i'm slow is on steps or hills, but the glares always come from people approaching me, so it can't be that they are mad i'm slowing them down. does anyone have any suggestions as to why i get so many glares?

also, last saturday i attempted (and failed) to see a couple funny friends do a show and as i was walking from the venue and back to the train, i was passed by a group of twenty-somethings and some girl shouted out "you broke your leg!!" in a really taunting way. what the eff man?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

SRC: ANTM - throw another on the pile

blah blah will it be whitney, anya, or fatima? well, tyra, if you're asking me, my guess is anya, but that would only be if you're basing this competition on proven talent, quality of photo shoots, and consistency of work and not to get some message across...but i guess we'll see...

first up, CoverGirl commercial. the girls are relieved that this commercial is in english. the winner gets a billboard in times square. neat. they finally bring saleisha out and ask her how it's been for her. in like, the few weeks since she was crowned? whitney brags to saleisha that she's the only plus that's made it this far. according to bianca, saleisha was borderline plus sized...that doesn't count?

fatima is very confident before her shoot. she's all mushmouth, i can't understand what she's saying. to me it sounds like "lash blash mash flash". watch it again and prove me wrong. jay thinks she's a little robotic. whitney is next -- she looks great and does pretty well. anya is very nervous. she stumbles but has good energy. they do their beauty shots next and business as usual.

panel: whitney's commercial is decent and her photo is beautiful. fats' commercial had poor delivery and her photo is alright. anya had the worst commercial and best commercial (that anya! what a quandary!) she also has a pretty picture.

woah, the two finalists get to do a versace show! movin on up antm! anya is called first. please be whitney please be whitney. whitney has a wall up, fatima sux. YES!!! whitney joins anya in the top 2! go fattie! and i DON'T mean fatima this time. unless i mean "Go Fats - out the DOOR! omgSNAP!" fats threatens me with her face in her exit interview.

Nigel will shoot the final Seventeen cover shoot. the footage from this lasts less than a minute.

fashion show: anya looks gorgeous. saleisha's tootie hair is back! there are some hot near naked dudes. anya works it, whitney is rather bouncy, but still good. overall, they both do well. tyra blahblahs about the prizes and judges.

miss jay thinks whitney hit it and anya didn't reach her potential. they compare photos. eeep! deliberations!!! it really could be either of them the way they're spinning this.

the judges clearly think whitney won the runway, save for paulina. eeee!!! the girls come back. tyra kisses ass. the winner isss.......... Whitney! go plus!!!

you know...anya really should have won. i'm sure tyra only did this because a plus won't ever make it this far again and it would've been too obvi if she fixed the competition last cycle because it would be too close to her 'kiss my fat ass' breakout. there's a weird plus size forced PSA thing going on at the end which means i have to bring this info i read at fourfour wherein a tip was dropped that whitney was approached on a plane at her normal modeling size of 4. because she was slightly too big for regular modeling, they proposed that she gain ten to twenty pounds and guaranteed her a top three spot. this could be true, could be false (probably true, especially with those size four pictures floating around) and i feel really bad that anya really fought for this and definitely should have won, but i guess if you're gonna fix a competition, its a good message to have a plus win, because all the youngies out there that haven't been jaded by life or by working in the tv industry or really think about the mechanics of a reality show just see that a slightly bigger girl won a modeling show. and that's a good message. however, i do have a problem with the bullshit whitney was spouting about never fitting in and always being teased for her curves...especially in light of this new info, those were probably all lies....but also, whitney is a normal sized tall girl. she is only a plus in the modeling industry, so i find it hard to believe that she went to modeling high school, usa where everyone was a size two and they all teased her for being normal. whatevs, i've rambled enough. let's hope tyra isn't hosting next cycle!

Friday, May 16, 2008

you got nice eyes

cette semaine, sur le blog

- Dominique is cut loose...may she have all the candy corn and snickers she could ever want

- we learn the disturbing news that real world will shoot its 21st season in brooklyn

- becca jumps into the wooing game, and learns a life lesson

- and finally, Phase III of the Ceiling Drama has been reached

So long, ceiling cat!

So I haven't been giving proper updates re: my ceiling hole, because nothing really has been happening. The one major event happened about three weeks ago, when i took the day off specifically to get my hole fixed. two days prior, i had left a message telling my super i'd be off and home all day on that wednesday. wednesday came and he didn't, but also while i was there, i was witness to a pipe bursting in between my kitchen and bathroom walls and some leakage happening ruining my bathroom wall. just my luck. so i was fueled with a rage because not only did the super not show up or return my calls, but when i called the management company about the burst pipe, they again sent the super's old man lackey...and all he did was looking at the bubbling, leaking paint on my wall and tell me the super would come by to fix it....which...never happened.

anyway after approximately a month and a half of existence, my ceiling hole has finally started Phase III. In what took approximately 40 minutes to come and do, my super finally answered my call and covered up that creepy hole.

all that's left now is phase IV, paint the ceiling.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a tale of 35th street wooing

ok, picture this: you are me. you have just decided that instead of going straight to work you are going to stop into mcdonald's for an egg mcmuffin. when turning the corner a dude starts talking at you (which happens a lot in this part of town). the young man is dressed in baggy jeans and some sort of sports jersey (if you are me you don't follow sports so you don't know what team this jersey represents). he says - "you got nice eyes". to which you don't respond. he continues saying something about your eyes or something of that sort as you pass. to which you also do not reply. you continue walking and when you are at least 5 yards away, said main in baggy jeans and sports jersey yells to you, "isn't it nice to have friends?". to which you don't reply, but you are rather amused by. and then you think to yourself, "that never occurred to me before, it IS indeed nice to have friends".

thank you young man, thank you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The 21st season of the Real World, set to air early next year, will take place in Brooklyn

why oh why??!?!? my fair borough!@!%$@ before i read the full article, i thought to myself, "I hope it's in east new york." then i read the article and they also want it to be east new york. i'm glad we're all on the same page.

seriously though, this is going to be terrible. i hope they shove them off to some hipster loft in williamsburg or a place in greenpoint so i never have to see them.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

SRC: ANTM - Out with the Loon!

The final four get themselves worked up at how close yet how far they are. anya is all "i got these bitches beat" (she does) and the other three are all "eeeee". after the girls come home to see saleisha has vandalized the place with large pictures of herself, dominique says she's the saleisha of this cycle and then cackles like a loon. i'm not sure how exactly she means that comparison, but i assure you, she is wrong. Fatima is surprised Dominique has made it this far. I am surprised that Fatima has made it this far. the girls talk about dominique behind her back and we find out she's also psycho in the area of candy. she really is like a little child. i mean, i keep forgetting she's 23 because she really does look much older, but adding the childlike behavior to that already confusing factor really messes me up.

the girls are taken to paulina to learn about how things are behind the camera. they take pictures of each other. clothed. ah fuck, shoket is back. ugh. go DO YOUR JOB. each girl gets five minutes to shoot a real model. they said real model...burn! winner gets fifty extra frames. paulina is their real model. cool. i'm really loving me some paulie. ugh - fatima does well. dominique does crazy, whitney does aight and anya gets all wacky and creative. fatima wins the challenge. blerg.

photo shoot - night shoot as movie stars from the 50's with hunks on their arm and paparazzi at their feet. nigel is their photographer and comes gaily bounding down the stairs.

anya comes out looking like old school madonna. she strugges with the concept at first, but when jay realizes that if he distracts her while nigel takes the pic, the pictures come out glorious. fats comes out and like, every word she says grates on me. awesomely, she does terrible. she gets to review the bad pics before her bonus fifty frames, but still does bad. whitney comes out and nigel elevator eyes her like she's a deliciously seasoned side of beef. whitney had a slow start and is still doing the fake thing. dominique is all blefahharggjiow&*#(@!. this guy playing the paparazzo is killing me! he's got two moves-- angle left, angle right. dominique didn't do well at all. jay doesn't think anyone did.

Panel: Ann Noseket is the guest judge.
anya's picture is awesome. whitney has a beautiful picture but she didn't quite get the concept. dominique gets her clothes in panel dissed for the second week in a row. i kind of feel sorry for her because i feel like she's just this crazy trapped in her own mind without any real sense of how the real world functions. but like, she also has a kid and is responsible for another person's life. tyra tries to walk her through fixing it, but its way more difficult of a process than it should've been. woah..dominique's picture is way harsh. and apparently it was the softest frame she had. paulina calls her a beautiful tranny. ouch. they do an exercise on how to soften her look that i really hope Rich covers because it's too hilarious. hard to describe in words but a gif would be just fine. fatima's pic is alright, but also doesn't fit with the concept.

woah! whitney is covergirl of the week.

shoket says 'glamour' while making mr. burns hands. what a creep. shoket, not burns.

anya is called first. whitney next! first plus in the top three, alright! dominique and fatima are fug to fug. fatima had extra frames but still sucked, doesn't listen and is fug. domique has taken steps backward. fuck, fatima is safe. for now....

aww, so long crazy dominique!! you were like no one else, sir.

so our final three are a size 10, a size zero, and the winner. see ya next week!

Friday, May 09, 2008

RoboTinez: Search and Destroy

this week, on the blog!:

- Katarzyna goes home :(

- he swore he was 19!

- RoboTinez will crush you...pyew pyew!

- at least the elderly care about cripples

- a cooler than stupid account of the awesomeness that is Robyn

- and finally, after a long break, subway spotlight returns

Subway Spotlight: Lonely Ballerina

I saw today's subway spotlight honoree at the times square 7 (N, R, W, Q, 1, 2, 3, S) station. i passed what must've been an official subway busker...one of the many subway acts that audition for primo spots in primo stations so they don't have to travel from train to train. So she had some good real estate, what she was lacking was an audience. and a good act. This girl was dressed in like, a powdered wig and a victorian dress (it probs wasn't victorian, but you know what i mean) and was doing ballet. what kind of an audience-drawing act is that? it's not, as was proven, which is why i've chosen to spotlight this lonely ballerina here.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Top 15 Reasons the Robyn Concert Ruled

15. there were many a different language being spoken by audience members, meaning the audience may have been slightly eurotrashy, but at least robyn draws from all continents.

14. robyn is not afraid to wear a long sleeve black stretchy shirt with a cape

13. sara was rockin' her RoboBoot

12. the crowd was dancing so much, the floor was shaking. we all thought we might fall seven stories to our deaths.

11. the crowd was decidedly NOT a bunch of 17 year old teeny boppers that Becca feared it woud be.

10. she kept adorably telling us we were being so kind to her, when all we were doing was celebrating her genius.
9. thanks to becca's eagle eye, we noticed that she surprisingly sports a wedding ring. it's surprising because not only is she kind of sexually ambiguous, but neither of us really think that anyone is good enough for robyn. no one can handle her!

8. none of the three in our party really knew what to expect when it came to the crowd. becca was expecting teenyboppers, sara was expecting some eurotrash, some gay men, and some hipsters, and dawes was expecting no one. not that she didn't know who to expect, but that she didn't think anyone would show up. the crowd was actually a nice mix of gay hipsters, some foreigners, and a lot of regular girls like our party. there was also a friendly bartender that made strong drinks, a friendly dude that struck up a convo with us outside the bathroom, a friendly girl that caught up to us in the bathroom, but mentioned that she was standing behind us and a dude outside the venue handing out flyers for Duffy. He was very nice, but also was sporting a bloody finger and we're pretty sure he told us that he used to sell drugs in washington square park. regardless, it was a friendly bunch and we talked to a lot of people.

7. Robyn has the cutest swedish accent that is only really noticeable when she's talking.

6. she seriously commits to dance breakdowns

5. she totally kicked it old skool by performing Show Me Love

4. she's so badass she needed TWO drummers

3. the drinks were $8 but had about $15 worth of alcohol in them

2. we love her

1. she ACTUALLY played the drums for the solo in Who's That Girl

please note that the photos of Robyn were purloined from adrienne. this picture of adrienne was also purloined from adrienne.

Support the Elderly

Because of how far out in the BK i live, the train is usually pretty empty in the mornings and i have no trouble finding a seat. Today however, as I clumsily lumbered down the steps and saw that the platform was more populated than normal, i assumed that the train was running late, and it would come filled with more passengers than usual. The train showed up, and I was correct...all seats were already taken. i sadly made my way over to a pole and held on. about a minute later, i felt a tap on my arm and looked over to someone offering me their seat. how sweet! only catch? it was an OLD LADY! i know my place on the subway seat ladder, and i come below old people. I thanked her but no thanked her because i wasn't gonna take a seat from an older woman. She insisted, and so i sat down.

Every stop that she stood and no seats emptied up for her made me feel guiltier and guiltier. it actually wasn't too bad because she seemed like a pretty sturdy and active older lady. she wasn't really that old at all, and she was sporting her mom jeans, running shoes and trisonic earphones attached to what looked like boombox under her zip up sweater but was probably just a fanny pack. she was a granny on the go...or actually she kind of looked more like a lesbian great aunt. i still felt bad...there were 9 other people sitting in the area i was standing in, 7 who weren't elderly, and the person that jumped to her feet to give this cripple a seat was a kind old lady?! does no one else feel the shame i do when i don't notice a pregnant woman or old lady standing quick enough to be the first to offer her my seat??

Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm not too sure if it's been mentioned here, but I've recently had some leg problems. I finally made it out to the doc last week and she believes it's the same thing i thought it was (with the help of webmd of course) - a stress fracture. so she sent me on my way to get xrays and an mri and prescribed me a boot.

the boot makes me feel like half a robot.

while this is mostly true, i also am pushing the robot angle because it makes my boot less nerdy and more badass, therefore pushing me to levels of badassness that have rarely been reached.

i told my oft-mentioned pal Bill about this, and he whipped up the following picture, which, upon viewing, caused me to faint at its awesomeness:

because it was so amazing, i forwarded it to my oft-mentioned brother, Ricky. A little while later, I received this in my inbox:

upon viewing this, i crumbled and disintegrated, forced out of existence by its sheer brilliance.

as a side note, though, can i just say that there really are some jerks in new york. i've been saying that the one advantage of this boot is that at least i'll get a seat on the subway. NOT TRUE. I boarded the train during rush hour and of course all the seats were taken and i sadly held on to a pole. I don't know what was worse -- the guy i saw out of the corner of my eye start to get up for me, but then change his mind and remain seated, or the lady that booked it to a newly available seat even though i was already lumbering over to it. needless to say, she beat me, and i remained with the pole.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tales of Underage Wooing

Aside from a few random drive-by pick up attempts (e.g. 'hey baby, looking good'), it has been a little while since there has been any wooing attempts to report about. However, I feel like May might be a little different, based on this story I'm about to tell as well as the two myspace messages i received this morning -- one from a guy i've never met or seen before asking me on a date, and another one proposing immediate marriage.

On the very first of may, kicking off my month of wooing, i was headed home from work. As i approached the entrance to the subway station, there was a pack of about 7 or 8 boys clogging the staircase, joking around and being young boys. I didn't really take any statistics at this point except that they were slightly rowdy. As I weaved through their group to try and pass their slow asses on the steps, i heard one of those boys make some comment. I was listening to my ipod, so i couldn't really hear what it was, but i had an inkling that it was about me. I didn't break free from their pack until the bottom of the steps, and at that point, i weaved around the one in front and broke into a quick walk in order to prevent being stuck in their pack for the next group of steps. this is when i heard one of them say something to the effect of 'go ahead, break free'. still, i questioned whether they were, in fact, talking about me.

then i heard "excuse me, miss?". I took off one earbud and turned to the kid. (he could not have been older than 17 years old.) He told me that his "friend back there" was "interested in talking to me for a bit". I turned around to see who he was talking about and of course faced a pack of 8 boys. I was then directed to the kid wearing 'the DC shoes', turned back around to the boy that approached me, laughed, and said 'i think i'm probably a little bit older than you think i am.' He sneakily asked for my age first before committing to an age for his friend. I told him i was 25, and his split-second surprised reaction confirmed for me that he thought i was younger.. he then told me his friend was 19, he swears. his friend was not 19, i swear.

we continue walking to the turnstile and i'm like "i'm actually on my way somewhere" (why can i never just lie about having a boyfriend?!?!) and he's all 'i know you're in a rush, but if he could just have a minute to talk to you.' i said 'right' acknowledging that i knew that's what he was asking, he took that 'right' as an 'ok' and happily exclaimed to the kid in dc's that i had 'said yes!'. i literally said 'woah woah woah, no i didn't.' then i said 'you're really 19?' and the kid nodded. i heard my train coming (they were headed the opposite way) and said 'i'm sorry, i have to go'. the friend kept pleading (he was really putting more effort into this than the actual kid that wanted to talk to me) and asked just for a quick minute. i apologized again and the friend was like 'can i at least ask your name'. so i shook his hand and told him my name, he told me his name was raymond, i turned to get the kid in dc's name, but he just stood there silent as a ghost, so i turned around and left.

but what if i was so desperate for luvin that i talked to this guy and then got arrested and thrown in jail for carrying on with a minor?!?!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

SRC: ANTM - sux for my team

Previously: Lauren didn't fit in, so she was kicked out

Fatima starts the episode confident. I hope this means she's going home. (spoiler alert: it doesn't). Fatima calls katarzyna dull. Well, I'm calling fatima ugly. so there! the girls are taken to a field where there are, as whitney says "gladiators are killing each other, it's awesome!" You say gladiators, I say LARPers They are at the gladiator school of rome to learn fighting skills. for those photo shoots that also require ninja skills of them....?...Side note: Dominique is crazy.

after fight school, surprise gladiator photo shoot challenge! they get attacked by some gladiator, who will be posing with them. how manly. they keep saying the words "photo challenge" the winner of the challenge gets 1,000 Euro for a shopping spree and can either share with a friend, or be a greedy american asshole and take all the money. whitney wins and she chooses anya to share.

this week's photo shoot is a modern take on renaissance art, tyra is the photographer, and she's still saying katarzyna's name wrong. katarzyna struggles. dominique does a great job. dominique is gloating that no one else can say that tyra's taken their picture. i'd say at least 40 people can say that. and four of them are in the room with you. fatima apparently does well. i'm worried for katarzyna now. whitney does well until she gets stuck in a pose. anywa was last and does characteristically awesome.

the girls are having a nervous pow wow back at the house. fatima is super confident in confessionals but looks worried when anya says the only one tyra liked was dominique.

anya's picture is awesome. she's gonna win. fatima unfortunately turns out a great picture. dominique trips on her way to the judges and gets her outfit SLAMMED by them. tyra also says she was not excited to shoot dominique. burn! Burns burn. she has a stunning picture this week, though, and all the judges agree. katarzyna's picture isn't terrible, it just isn't as good as the others. whitney has a decent pic, but the judges are let down.

Katarzyna is CoverGirl of the week. Of course she is.

5 ladies, 4 photos. blahblahblah. fatima is called first. Great, now she'll never shut up. dominique is called second and Anya is third. This leaves whitney and katarzyna--whitney is pretty in person and takes strong pictures but can she translate all her pretty to pics? (this doesn't really make sense, but i think they were trying to say that, while she takes good pictures, they feel with how she looks in person, her pictures should be better.) Katarzyna is coasting along at nice and not pushing beyond. Katarzyna goes home. Boo! hiss! why is fatima still there? boo! hiss! katarzyna really takes it like a man though.

also, i dislike fatima so much that i actually put dominique on my fantasy team to replace katarzyna! wowsie.

Friday, May 02, 2008

does your internet band nnedd ? drusm

this week, on the blog:

- i put up a new widget so EVERYONE can see what i think is cool

- we find out that i'm a very efficient drunk

- there is much confusion over these newfangled standardized tests

- my mom lives in a dream world littered with penguins

- Heckle Her Films finally releases Kazoo unto the world

- guess which of these robyns cooler than stupid is stoked to see in person tonight?


Thursday, May 01, 2008

attack of the doppelgangers!!

A couple days ago, my college roommate left me a comment on myspace telling me she'd recently seen someone on her grad school campus that looked so much like me (physically, as well as style and my suave way about me) that she got excited because she thought i came to surprise her.

today at my doctor's appointment, the first thing the doc said to me was that I needed to find yesterday's new york post because there was a story on some girl getting her own disney show...the next miley cyrus...and apparently i look just like the girl. this 15 year old girl. i did a google search, and this is the mousketeer that my doctor was talking about:

i...don't really see it. maybe it's the hair?

also, should i be creeped out that my clones have finally been harvested?


guess who cooler than stupid going to see tomorrow at the grand ballroom who's name sounds like a bird and ends with an N!


Nope. Not Robyn Johnson of Pacific Mortgage


Nope. Not Robin Annear of Blackdog books.

Nope. Not Robyn Helzner of the Robyn Helzner Trio....though you are getting warmer!


who is deceptively dressed like a bee in this picture.

we'll report back after the concert.
sara may be drunk again.