Thursday, March 06, 2008

nice knowing ya

I had the news on this morning as I was getting ready for work, and there was a story about an explosion that went off in times square. since i work in times square, i started paying attention. There is this little traffic island in the middle of times square known as Military Island (a recruiting center), and apparently there was some sort of explosion early this morning resulting in a pile of glass right outside the building. This made me a little nervous, but the news didn't seem too concerned, so i headed off to work. When i walked past military island (it's like, half a block from my building) i indeed saw the pile of glass and the broken glass doors. cops were surrounding the island (luckily, military island is right next to a little cop station [but not like cops can protect anyone from explosions]) looking all official. My attention was drawn to the helicopter that was just hanging out above us. this actually made me more nervous because it seemed like the helicopter wanted to be there to catch footage in case anything else happened. I continued into my building and opened my google reader, where i was greeted with this story. As my friend bill said, "a biker in new york with a backpack. should stick out like a sore thumb."


Anonymous said...

They think a bomb caused the damage, but it was actually just the Kool Aid Guy trapped inside.

Sara said...

OH YEAH!!!!!