Monday, March 31, 2008

Dark Water Update; A Convo with my Super

First of all, thanks to a conversation with Becca, I'm now convinced a ghost is living in my ceiling hole.

Today I got home from work and thankfully there didn't seem to be too much leakage. Though my pot placement seemed to be about half an inch off, my mastery with a plastic sheet proved itself. I went to pee, and around the same time, my ceiling decided to also. I made sure all the water was being caught and everything properly protected and called my super.

let me just preface this by saying my super is a very nice man and in my experience with him has always been very helpful.

Sara: Hi Humbert*. It's Sara in Apt. X**
Humbert: Hi.
S: Umm, I was told to call you to make an appointment about repairing the hole in my ceiling
H: Yes?
S: So when are you available?
H: Umm..well...lemme think...uh...well, I think the earliest is Wednesday.
S: My concern is that it's started leaking, so I don't want my place to get covered in water.
H: Oh, it's started leaking?
S: Yes, it leaked a little on Saturday and a lot came out yesterday.
H: Umm, when are you home?
S: I'm working all week, so I won't be home until at least 7 every day. I'm here all weekend though.
H: Well, we get off at 5, and the weekend's are my days off.
S: (shocked silence) Okay, well there's a lot of water coming into my living room. Would it be possible for me to leave it open for you to come and fix while I'm gone?
H: I'd need to check upstairs and see where the leak is coming from. (discussion about where the hole is located). So I guess I could look upstairs on Wednesday and come see you on Wednesday.
S: Okay...
H: Okay. Bye.


WTF?? oh, i'm sorry you have a GIANT FUCKING HOLE in your ceiling and a copious amount of UNIDENTIFIED LIQUID is spilling out onto your tv room, the room you value most, right over your lifelong collection of dvd's and books, the tv and dvr and playstation you cherish so, but i stamp my timecard at 5 pm SHARP, and i don't work on the weekends, even though my schedule is as UNREASONABLE as a bank's.


also, does this mean i should or should not make the apartment easily accessible for him? i feel like it was unclear.

*name changed for absolutely no reason **apartment changed because i don't want any more stalkers.

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