Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WRC: ANTM - makeovers!!!

dudes. i got way behind in life this past week and i wasn't able to do a top model thing in time, so i'm just gonna do 'er quick without rewatching the ep. first off, that I KNEW i should've dumped allison. damn me for giving her another chance. she is kind of not a great person, huh?


marvita - i like the look, but there's not much they can do with that, huh?
stacey ann - don't love it
anya - umm...looks like she should be speaking Quenya
dominique - nope. gone soon.
allison - i thought allison looked hot. kinda like kate beckinsale. too bad she was ugly on the inside.
fatima - oh god much better thank you
amis - (am i s)olo in thinking that this girl is totally fug? and maybe crazy.
lauren - ok, get over the awkwardness. let's move on.
whitney - i love the blond
aimee - welcome to my team, you winner
claire - FTW!
katarzyna - woah-mg, so hottt

for a far superior recap than i could ever do, please head over to the always dependable fourfour

also, wooo elle macpherson! not only does she still look great, but she's like 8 feet tall. and she seems so nice.

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