Monday, March 24, 2008

SRC: PH2 - I Can Take a Hint

I sat down the other night to watch the paradise hotel episode from two weeks ago, and by some sort of divine intervention, i had set the vcr to record at 8 instead of 9. That's three times I've "accidentally" recorded the wrong channel or time, and three is a magic number, so point taken, God. Even though I have also been recording them on my dvr, I think i'm just going to take this as a hint that maybe i should just enjoy paradise hotel by myself. So no more Paradise Hotel list of amazing. i've been really busy recently and am having a hard time keeping up anyway. Hopefully i can get to the top model recap by tonight.


Becca said...

hahahah. what?!

i actually had paradise hotel on in the background of my life last night, and it was so boring i actually paid like zero attention to you.

therefore the universe is telling you that it's just too boring to watch.

Sara said...

oh i'm still watching it. i'm just not going to share with everyone else how awesome it is