Friday, February 23, 2007

Winter Reality Corner: first elimination

Hooray for my 50% accuracy rate! I was correct about Amy and Rudy getting the boot. The other two to go were Nicole Tranquilo (not a big surprise, but thought she would've lasted at least one more week) and Paul Kim (i bet you anything it was the bare feet that did it). Well, good for paul because now he can change his goddamn underwear. Something else notable was after Fantasia's performance Ryan pointed out that Quincy Jones was in the audience because he's a producer of the color purple, which fantasia will start performing in. Here's how the exchange went:

Ryan: And in the audience, one of the producers, Quincy Jones
Quincy (waves): The Color Purple is--(sees ryan not paying attention) The Color Purple...
Ryan: Thanks Fantasia! We'll be right back!!

I felt really sad for quincy jones bcs he just wanted to talk about his play. but then i also felt that maybe they shouldn't have mic'd him in the first place if they didn't want him to talk. just sayin

Winter Reality Corner

Welcome back to Winter Reality Corner! Hooray!! This season, I'm gonna attempt to do some American Idol stuff...but of course we all know that what really counts starts NEXT WEDNESDAY FEB. 28!!!!!!!! Here's a fair warning - the next season of America's Next Top model (or america's next top fug by the looks of it) starts wednesday at 8 and these posts are A LOT more fun if you know what's going on. ok, but back to right now. i was originally gonna put out my thoughts on each of the top 24, but i'm working too much right now to do that. and also, in a couple of weeks that number will be slashed in half, so let's not waste time on 12 people we'll forget about in a month. also, although tonight was the results show, i still haven't seen it. so i'll cover tuesday and wednesday here and whenever i get a chance to watch the results show, we'll see if i'm on my game this year. and finally, not to name drop or anything, but today i had a shoot with katharine mcphee (eep!) and to answer everyone's burning question -- yes, she does always have the magical dream sparkle with her. and i was doing linday's chicken impression (chaw chee chaw chee chaw chee) from arrested development really for no one but myself when i turn around mid-chicken impression to face katharine mcphee. awesome.

Top 6

Blake - fantiddlyastic. glad he stopped beatboxing long enough to show his vocals.
Chris Richardson - mmmmmm
Brandon Rogers - has a fair chance
--these last three slots could go to almost anyone, for now i'll say--
Chris Sligh - great voice, maybe not a chance looks-wise
Senjaya Malakar - cute! adorable! that smile!
Phil Stacey - this guy or aj. or paul if he puts his shoes on. damn hippy.

I think Rudy Cardenas is for sure out and Sundance might go as well this week.

Lekisha Jones- just amazingly amazing.
Melinda Dolittle- my personal fave. LOVE her!
Sabrina Sloan - you mean nosella noserton? she finally won me over.
Jordin Sparks - great voice. don't love her personality.
Stephanie Edwards- i think this might be fantasia barrino. also, she's great.
Gina Glockson - unless one of the other white girls steps it up.

*** Leslie Hunt is such a huge QM* i kind of want her to stick around to see just how wacky she can get.

*QM = question mark

This week I think there will be bad news for Amy Krebs and Alaina Alexander. Though Antonella did terribly and you know originally i thought her looks would carry her but that's what i thought about that stunningly gorgeous girl last year and she did not last long a'tall. on that note, really any of the six that aren't listed above i think could've gone tonight.

come back soon for the results!! (if you didn't already watch it)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laundry List of Crazy

I just wanted to make a complete list of the crazy things going on with Britney Spears--if for nothing else but to try and wrap my own mind around what's happening here. I'm pressed for time, so I won't be able to find all the sources, but i'll do what i can.

Ok, so first off - she checked into rehab last week and less than 24 hours later she had already checked out. She then proceeded to get lips tattooed on her wrist and something else tattooed somewhere else (here's the part where no time for research comes in). Ok, and then she went and shaved her head and everyone in the world freaked out because our little britney is having a full-on collapse. So THEN I read yesterday that she checked back in to rehab and read today that she's already checked out again. i'm not sure if she understands the concept of rehab and that you shouldn't be checking out if you want a drink. i also found out today that there is speculation that the reason she shaved her head is because Kevin Federline was threatening to have her drug tested (which includes the hair) in order to get custody of the kids. at first i was completely anti-federline in all of this, but now i'm starting to wonder if he's maybe the best option for these poor tykes.

ok so now we get to the real crazy. Earlier, i was pointed toward where i read that after britney shaved her head, she showed up at the mondrian hotel wearing an electric blue wig, no cash or credit cards with her, and was refused a room. the best part (and a beautiful mental image) was that she was seen later by the pool CRYING WHILE SHAVING HER LEGS. what a beautiful, fucked up tale of woe.
I'm not sure why I think this is funny (maybe it's not), but I was looking at the reviews for jet blue on - here, and there have nothing but rave reviews (5 stars!)....obviously none of those reviewers flew jet blue last week!

Now what you've really been waiting for! I am in the process of composing a song about jet blue entitled the jet blues. It's to the tune of the kraft macaroni and cheese commercial where the kid sings a song that goes something like this:

I got the blues
kraft macaroni and cheese,
the blue box please!

When momma wants to please me
she's only got to cheese me!
I got the blues..

I figure the lyrics for my song will go something like this:

I got the blues
I flew jet blue and it blew
They didn't even reimburse me!

If you think this airlines great
ask the people who were stuck at the gate (for 12 hours)
I go the blues

So it's not as well thought out as I would like, but this is the best my brain can do at 9:00AM on a Wednesday morning.

p.s. - I have never actually flown jet blue, but i know some people who got screwed over by them last week. It obviously means that i should get some money back from jet blue by default.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

today is my hero

Check out this clip of a girl on the today show who has been hiccuping for three weeks:

I really admire the interviewer for being able to keep a straight face, because i sure as hell would not have been able to. also - weird hiccup sound. also -- i've never seen a case of the hiccups where they were that frequent.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Stop right now, thank you very much

if anybody knew me between the ages of 13 and 18, then they probably experienced my irrational obsession with the Spice Girls. I don't want to go to far into detail about how crazy I was about them, but lets just say that not only did I have posters, tshirts, and every album they put out (plus a few singles), but i also had a box of spice girl lollys -- you would lick the hard candy on the outside to reveal a bubble gum with one of the spice's faces on it. So imagine how pleased i was to read about a potential reunion like - wicked excited and although i have made major steps in moving past that phase in my life, i still sometimes revert back to my love for them. Anyway, this brings me to something i've been meaning to say for a while. Does anybody else think that lady sovereign is just sporty spice tryin to make a comeback?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

blame it on the rain

So I just read here that a milli vanilli movie is in the works. at first i thought that it might be difficult to make an entire full length movie around their short blip on the pop culture radar, but then realized that theirs is a fascinating story-- after all milli (or vanilli -- actually he was the lighter skinned one, so he was probably vanilli) did kill himself after everything blew up in their faces. maybe rob and fab's tale could be epic oscar bait. really, the only thing that matters to me is that the actors playing them have someone else dubbing their voices. i really think that that's a pretty obvious thing that needs to happen. who would like to join me in petitioning the studio?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day: A Cautionary Tale

Today, February 14, 2007 - Valentines Day
We would like to remind you of what being madly in love truely looks like...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

File this in the awwwww category

Us CF employees were talking recently and I remarked how cute/strange it is to talk to our mothers on instant messenger. Sara said that when she has a conversation with her mom on im her mom always says goodbye and then types this:


I laughed to myself and though, well isn’t that adorable?

I happened to be talking to my mom online at the same time. It was time to say goodbye, and almost like it was scripted, I got the following im from her:


And the moral of that story is – “Great Moms think alike”

Monday, February 05, 2007

The lovely and talented...

Just wanted to let everyone out there know about this fantastic funny lady and CF friend, Yvonne. You can check out her myspace page here! but more importantly, just as it is in your daily itinerary to check out the Cooler than Stupid blog, it should also be in your sched to check out Yvonne's blog. She is pretty effin hilarious and it's the SMART kind of funny too!!! Definitely check it out because, unlike the unpredictable Becca and I (we might post four times a day, we might post once in four days) Yvonne has a new blog every day. and once you check it out, you will be amazed that she's able to do what she does on a daily basis.

Friday, February 02, 2007

the water main probaby isn't the only thing broken

so there was a water main break in west hempstead, long island. meh, interesting i guess...if you live in west hempstead. my awesome co-workers told me about this amazing footage of some dude walking along where the water main break was who falls in the water pretty bad - the best part is that it was caught on not one, but 2 local news channels, each from a different angle. some of the best unintentionally comedic material ever.

here's the angle that the local cbs station got:

here's the angle that the local nbc station got (they don't have a direct link to just the video - but this is the link to the entire story - the video is over to the right)

i do feel for the guy, but if you are gonna be on's such a good way to do it.