Saturday, March 01, 2008

WRC: PH2 - Woops part two

Paradise Hotel List of Amazing:

29. amazingly, it happened again. i think the world must be telling me to curb my paradise hotel appetite becuz i definitely made sure to set the vcr for my9. i even had accidentally set it for 11, caught my mistake, and fixed i have no idea why the timer recorded Fetch Me A Skank on the cw instead. so again i'm behind. the good thing about paradise hotel is that you never really lose the plot. everything is always the same, even if some people are gone and some are not. what hurts is the pure genius that i know i missed.

someone else's recap at zap2it


Becca said...


it's like your tv/vcr thinks it's such crap that it won't even record it.

Sara said...

i know, i should take a hint, eh?