Thursday, March 06, 2008

Come Experience the Difference

The following postcard arrived in my mailbox a couple days ago:

I really wish you guys could see it in color...(apparently apple didn't tell anyone how to make their shit work with leopard, so not only have i lost my photoshop because of it, and have to do a really roundabout thing to get anything to print, my scanner also doesn't function at i had to scan this on a copy machine at work..hence the unfortunate black and white) because that is really what makes this whole thing stunning.

picture it, (sicily 1945), the top block is a nice urine yellow color, the right block is a beautiful barbecue/mayonnaise mix orange... these blocks are all separated by a thick red line and "come experience the difference" has it's own blue block. Aside from the primary color scheme, let's take a closer look. an eagle-eyed friend of mine noticed the sweet phone number they got -- 718.940.BABY. I'd like to think it's more of a term of affection rather than referencing babies. Also, is this dr. osei or dr. kwakye-berko on the postcard? whoever it is, do you think the other doc was pissed he didn't get any facetime? maybe it's the receptionist.

and another thing...i got this postcard advertising a ladyparts doctor addressed to me in my mailbox. a) how did they get my address, but more importantly b) how did they know i was looking for a local ob/gyn?!?! I'm gonna call them straightaway! 940.BABY!!!!!

and lastly, i'll leave you with this haunting tale -- last summer when i was driving around the neighborhood with my mom and bff david, we passed a shady cottage-looking place with a big sign in front proudly announcing that it was an Adolescent Gynecologist. *shudder* how is it not a red flag when a male goes through gynecology school and says 'i would like to specialize in teen girl cooter'?


Becca said...

now whenever i need to give a fake number i am giving out this guys!

also - adolescent gyno sounds a lot like a synonmym for pedophile.

Mercedezzz said...

I want him in me.

Anonymous said...

Mayve adolescent gyno just means he's a really young doctor.