Sunday, March 23, 2008

Subway Spotlight: Newbie Stuck with Easter Shift

Today's subway spotlight is highlighting a subway sandwich artiste who methinks was stuck with the easter shift because she's the new girl (she must be new). here is how our exchange went:

me: can i get a six inch spicy italian on italian herbs and cheese?
her: (goes to get bread, looks down at sandwich fillings, mumbles)
me: what?
her: (mumbles)
me: uh...provolone?
her: (mumbles)
me: uh, spicy italian with provolone?
her: (mumbles)
me: i'm sorry, i can't hear what you're saying.
her: (points at chicken) what kind of meat?
me: oh. spicy italian.
her: (blank stare)
me: uh, pepperoni and salami.
her: oh you want a b.m.t.?
me: no, a spicy italian. it's like the b.m.t. but without the ham.
her: (continues making sandwich, goes to ring me up) so you got a b.m.t.?
me: no a spicy italian. but it's the same price.
her: same price.


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