Saturday, March 29, 2008

is dat u, seeling cat?

Don't ask me why, but yesterday i started drinking around 1pm. (don't worry, i was still at work and it was work-related, so i wasn't completely wasting my life away, DAD.) I eventually got kinda drunk and remained this way for the rest of the night. I left work, drunk slept on the train, woke up disoriented, went home for like 10 minutes to change out my bag and remove one layer of shirt that i was wearing, then headed out to meet my friend so we could drink before heading to roller disco (!). subsequently, i was more drunk when we made it to roller disco. At roller disco, I drank more. Surprisingly i only fell on my ass once, and i amazingly kept my almost-full beer from spilling a drop. I get home about 1:30, think about how i've been drunk for so long, "watch" a couple episodes of entourage and pass out drunkenly. When i wake up late this morning, I do what i usually do - plant myself on the computer and waste a couple hours. After I'm satisfied with this, i head to my living room to watch tv. halfway through the hallway, i stop short...i see some sort of undefined dark shape floating above my bookshelf. a million things run through my head -- is it a balloon i don't remember getting that's floated over there? did someone break into my apartment at some point and leave a creature and/or robot to attack me? i turned the hall light on and inched closer, but still couldn't make out what it was. i hesitantly walked a little closer and made sure no one was in the living room. when i turned on the light, what i saw was not any of the options that ran through my head -- a portion of my ceiling had fallen in. and apparently, a portion of my ceiling looks to be made of cardboard. here's what i saw:

the cardboard ceiling part had fallen out and was being held there by peely paint. a trash bag had unfurled itself into my apartment. around my floor there were bits of paint, ceiling, and an empty crumpled pack of british cigarettes (?). i didn't see any glowing eyes in the hole, but i also didn't want to get too close. nothing in my living room seemed to be hurt, but my coffee table looked like a bucket of water was dumped on it...all the papers (kinda important ones) i had on it were water damaged. this is especially confusing because the coffee table isn't really near the hole, and nothing else in the room seemed to have gotten wet. also, what kind of liquid was sprayed on my coffee table? it better be em-effin water.

here's the question -- did this happen before i drunkenly got home from work? before i drunkenly got home from roller disco? or while i was drunkenly passed out?


Ricky said...

that's a lot of questions for an alcoholic.

Becca said...

holy fucking shit!!! this freaks me out to no end....and the picture is even worse than i pictured in my head.

there better be a part 2 to this story!

christine. said...

some of my questions are answered, but now i have so, so so many more.

what's with the water!!??? what's with the british cigarettes???!!!