Friday, February 08, 2008

Save Friday Night Lights!!

I'll admit I was a little late in the game (no pun intended) to join the ranks of rabid Friday Night Lights fans. I watched only the pilot last year when the show debuted, but i got frustrated because I was watching it at the gym and the pilot was a lot of football--it was hard to see the screen and i didn't want to feel like i was just watching a football game. that was an unfortunate mistake on my part (and one of the reasons i established my 2-3 episode viewing rule for new shows) but one i have since remedied by giving the show a second shot on dvd. when it comes to things that get so much attention from fans, i'm the first to say i get a little turned off. i refused to fall into the harry potter trap, resisting the books for a very long time. finally, my good friend anna convinced me that it wasn't just all malarkey; the books were actually spectacular and i should definitely read them (especially before the first movie came out) i buckled down and i begrudgingly read them and it changed my life. I can say the same for friday night lights...not only is it superbly written, acted, and directed, but it just so perfectly nails the reality of the lives of its characters. i'm not even finished with season one yet and i am a full fledged fan. it's not just a show about football. for serious. so this brings me to my point here...tonight, the last new episode will air, and rumors are flying that it will be the last of the series. i'm not even in season 2 yet (its all sitting on my dvr, politely waiting for me), but the thought of this show not coming back kills me. the thought that not one of these actors has even been nominated for an emmy makes me a little sad for the state of the awards...especially when patricia arquette is getting nomination after nomination and james spader has gotten three awards in the past four years. Anyway, if you've made it this far in my rant, head on over to best week ever's save friday night lights campaign and sign the petition. even if you don't watch the show now. sign it, rent it, and thank yourself. please.


Tom said...

Patricia Arquette is a superb actress. I am sorry that your star didn't get nominated, but doesn't mean you should put down Patricia. She is a beautiful, most charitable, charming, and wonderful actress.

Sara said...

well that's your opinion. i love the show medium, and my opinion is that she is not a superb this her husband or something? i don't even think i technically put her down...

Dawn said...

Actually it did sound like a putdown, because it sounded like she didn't deserve all of those nominations, and awards, that she's won. She has worked hard for them, and earned them, and deservedly so. And she IS a superb actress. Judging by the comments and all of her accolades and her lengthy career, there seem to be a lot of people who think so too.

I'm sorry that your favorite show is struggling, but that's no reason to criticize Patricia Arquette. But honestly, if that show were all that great, wouldn't more people be watching by now? I've tried watching it, and it really wasn't all that great to me. I found it boring and tedious.
So if you want to complain about people not watching that show, you could really do it without picking on Patricia Arquette. She's a terrific person and a great actress, and she doesn't deserve that.

Sara said...

damn we got the patricia arquette fan club staking out ground here.

Sara said...

oh and she didn't deserve the awards or nominations

Ricky said...

patricia arquette blows goats.

Joselyn said...

oh lord please help those of you that actually think that p. arquette actually has some actual talent. really? every time i watch medium i want to punch her in the face, because, although the writing is not superb it's better than what justice she does to it. it is beyond me why her career has been so lengthy and i think most would agree that she was lucky to have landed the role in medium because it made her career. before that no one knew her from her sister (or her brother). if you disagree than you are an idiot and need to start watching better shows.

which brings me to my next point, dawn. the fact that you use the reasoning that FNL must not be a good show because more people would be watching it by now is no doubt the stupidest thing you have ever said. and i don't know even know you. i want you to take a few moments to think about all the outstanding programming that has been canceled after one or two seasons b/c dumbasses like you would rather sit around and google hacks like patricia arquette instead of maybe watching a show of quality. a show that maybe doesn't spell out the ending for you five minutes into every episode.

patricia arquette sucks. end of story. now go do something more worthwhile and stop boring us.

Anonymous said...

To sit there and call someone that you don't know a dumbass because their opinions differ from yours both asinine and childish.

Patricia Arquette IS a great actress, no matter what assholes like you all think. But look what you're doing. You're campaigning to save a show that's ALREADY DEAD!! Hahaha! And if it was that great, there would be more people watching it. But obviously there are more intelligent people watching television than you think, because TWICE as many people watch Medium as FNL.

What does that tell you?

Now go screw yourself and leave Patricia the f*ck alone.

Joselyn said...

um, well, it tells me that "dumbasses like you would rather sit around and google hacks like patricia arquette instead of maybe watching a show of quality"

Sara said...

so anonymous, i guess you're just calling yourself asinine and childish for throwing back names at people whose opinions differ from yours.

i'm not even going to challenge your ignorant comments about quality of programming versus quantity of viewership because it seems it would be pointless.

Anonymous said...


Uhh, hello? Pot? Yeah, this is the kettle calling. Guess what? You're black!

Grow up!

That's the problem with the internet. Everyone with a computer and an opinion is welcome. Even assholes.

And you know what they say about opinions. They're like assholes. Everybody's got one. Some just smell worse than others.

You people need a life. Get one, quick!

la_la said...

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Anonymous said...