Monday, March 17, 2008

My Mom, FTW!!!

Last summer, a certain Cooler than Stupid mother came to visit me and help me move. The entire time she was here flew by because we were crazy busy trying to prevent me from being homeless, and then procuring "things" to fill my new place with. The day she was planning on departing was the day Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out in theaters. While we had been talking all summer about seeing it together, until we realized the timing snafu. My mom had only a relationship with the HP movies, but she knew how he ruled my life so she always looked forward to seeing the movies with me.

Imagine my surprise when, even though we were way busy on her last full day in town, she suggested going to a midnight showing at a theater near the airport hotel she was staying for the night. I was amazed that she thought she'd be awake for it, because i was having doubts about myself, but once she was sure she could do it, my energy perked right up and i got super excited.

So the movie was awesome, blah blah blah, it was after 2 am when we left completely dreary eyed and headed back to the hotel. on the drive back, my mom was telling me how she really liked the movie, but there was some stuff she couldn't remember from previous movies so she had to go back and watch the other flicks. i told her that she'd have a much easier time remembering stuff if she read the books. She reluctantly agreed with me. I gave her a totally doable challenge - i told her that i would mail her my books and she had to read at least through the 6th book by the time the next movie came out (november of this year).

Although this was a completely doable challenge, and i had no doubt my mom would eventually finish all books, i thought that it might take her a long time. My mom leads a hustle and bustle life, so it's hard for her to find a time to sit and read without falling asleep. I was a little concerned when it took her about 2-3 months to get through the first book. She mailed it back to me, but then told me her principal (she works at a school) said she would lend her the others. The second book took her about a month and a half. It was at this point that she was like 'yes i do enjoy them, but i might take a break before starting the next one. it's just so hard to find time to read!' I talked her into keeping it up because she was doing so well, so she started and finished the third in a little over a month. Ditto for the fourth...impressive because it's much longer than the others. Then, the magical fifth book came, and I believe my mother reached the same turning point that all of us who started late went through when our collection suddenly switched from paperback to hardcover. She impressed me by finishing it in about three weeks, immediately eating up the sixth in about two weeks...and i'll tell you what, i don't think she left the house when she was reading the 7th. All i know is one day she told me she had finished the 6th and couldn't wait to find out what happened, so she started the 7th that night. Maybe like a week and a half later she was filling me in on her rollercoaster of emotions. so yes, here i am just bragging about how awesome my mom is.

she's totally awesome!

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