Thursday, June 28, 2007

another nyc blackout?

are you kidding us?! really?! another blackout this early in the summer?! i mean really. obviously, just like last year - there has to be only one person to blame.

a quick aside: no you do are not experiencing deja vu - this is the exact same image we used after the blackout last year - only one coolfacer knows how to make pictures like this and she's currently in the process of moving.

Monday, June 25, 2007

SRC: Age of Love eps 1 & 2

When I learned that the tv gods would be replaying the premiere of this show, i figured they were giving me a second chance to witness possible genius. To any of those unfamiliar -- famous australian 30 year-old tennis player is the gent in a bachelor-style dating show. What he hasn't been told is that some of the crop will be women in their 40's. What the 40's haven't been told is that their competition will be women in their 20's.

before our man mark meets the 40's, we hear in an interview that not only is he expecting beautiful 20's girls, but also that his last girlfriend was 10 years younger than him. might this end up?

They bring the ladies out one by one to meet mark. the first tells him what year she was born and how old that makes her and his face drops. i also think he mouths the word 'fuck' when she turns her back. the second lady comes out and when her back is turned he has this look on his face that screams 'what the hell did i get myself into.' a couple more come out and his face drops each time they say their ages. mark looks like he's gonna be sick all over their saggy asses. after the fifth old lady comes out, mark interviews that 'once the fifth one came out, he realized they would all be older than him.' this guy is as smart as a whip. the 40's are actually looking great for their age, but a couple of them scream of desperation and it's a little sad. after mark gets over the initial shock, he seems like he could get into dating an older lady, and becomes a sport about it. he chooses three oldies for a date and...interestingly enough -- all brunettes! go team! their date involves rapelling down a building. i know that's what i would want for a first group date. especially if we were all planning a heist together.

the Helicopter of Evil 20 year olds arrives and let me tell you a thing or two about them. first off, a few of the 40's look much better than these bitches. i'm even confusing some of the 20's with older women. one of the 20's (24) is all 'when i walk down the street, guys think i'm hot' interesting, that wouldn't have been my first thought. there's another one that's all 'i hope i'm not still dating when i'm in my 40's! that would be sad!' and i think to tell her that she probably will be because she's totally hid.

So blah blah, stuff happens and the 40's still think they are alone. It comes time for elimination and Mark chooses four of the seven to take to elimination. 46 gets eliminated (i don't really know their names yet, so i will refer to them by ages). the last thing we get to see at the end of the first episode is the youngies revealed to mark in a cheesy tableau.

The next ep has mark dating the 20's unbeknownst to the 40's. And actually, the 20's are kind of dull. here is my initial breakdown: 27 - boring, 26 - probs the best of the bunch, 25 - aforementioned hid, 24 - i HATE this girl. she cried all episode. 23 - mark had a hard time not looking at her boobs. she looks real old. 21 - alright so far. mark confessionalizes that, whilst on a date with the 20's, he misses the 40's. yes!! after a couple more group dates, we get to elimination. the 40's are lined up and waiting when they are finally told that they have competition. the youngies are brought out and line up with the other women. mark has to eliminate one 40 and one 20. first he eliminates 27. good riddance. though i do wish 24 would have gone. then it comes down to one of two 40's (40 being their actual age...i think there's only two) and the 48. we all think it's gonna be the 48 because he got all freaked out when he found out she has a 25 year old son, but it's actually the 40 year old. interesting - he eliminated the youngest of the oldies and the oldest of the youngies. very interesting. the only thing i remember about eliminated40 is that she said something like 'with me you get the best of both worlds! the brains and experience of an older woman, and the looks of a younger woman' and yeah, she maybe looked like she could pass for 30's, but she was nothing special in the looks department. okaayyyyy?

so in short...or long rather... the 20's are made out to look like complete idiots, the 40's are made out to look like that mom that tries to be cool, and the host is made out to look about three feet shorter than mark. hopefully, some of you guys will catch on to this show and we can enjoy it together. if not, i will definitely make these recaps shorter.

congrats if you made it all the way through!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

my friend jen of fireballs and tsunami forwarded this video to me. not sure if everyone has already seen it or not, but i think it might be my new favorite viral video (right behind the times square breakdancer kicking the baby)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The First Ever Ladies Room Spotlight

Following in the footsteps of Subway Spotlight I would like to start a little feature that will now be deemed – the Ladies Room Spotlight.

This will be a platform to commend the often overlooked stars of the women’s restroom.

Scene: Early on a Saturday night (around 11:00) at a Club/Bar.
I walk into the bathroom. There are 2 other girls in there. The girl in front of me alerts me to the fact that I could use the open stall, but at my own risk because it looks like it’s got a nasty clog. I look to see if I can do it, but get disgusted and decide to wait to use the functioning toilet. The other girl in the bathroom chimes in and says, “I have a feeling that toilet just needs a good flush”. So we think - should we try to flush it? The three of us go into the stall to see if it’ll flush. Success! It flushes and we now have a perfectly working toilet again! I say to the girl who made the flush suggestion,“That was such a smart idea, you must have a graduate degree” and she says “actually, I’m a doctor”.

The end.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kazoo Trailer

To all Slutfire fans (and everyone else)--- here is the trailer for the upcoming short Kazoo. I know, I know, you've been kept up at nights waiting for this. Well, here it is for you to watch an endless amount of times:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

kind of like the stay puft marshmallow man...

i just turned my tv on, and previews for the next episode of the maury povich show were playing. in this episode, maury will make his guests confront their phobias (remember the girl who had a fear of pickles and was chased around the studio screaming by a guy holding a platter of pickles).

So in these previews, they mentioned someone with a frog phobia as well as someone who fears cotton balls. Then they showed what they did to help the girl with the cotton phobia deal -- they covered a man HEAD to TOE in cotton balls (even his face was covered) and made her stand next to him. now that's just mean. they found a way to make cotton balls even scarier and then forced her to try and act normal about that?! oh maury!!


I decided to see if i could find a picture of a cotton ball man to show everyone, and then got the brilliant idea to check out youtube...and guys, it's worse than i thought. apparently, this woman has had nightmares of a cotton ball man coming at her and forcing cotton balls down her throat. THAT'S why they brought out the cotton ball man.

Click here for video!

(sorry, they won't let this video get embedded)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

a look into our pathetic lives

p.s. - sara is the cute little kitty and becca is the angry girl in glasses (note: these are both pics of how we look in real life)

Friday, June 08, 2007


i have a new favorite judge and his name is michael sauer. i've always known michael to be a fair and honorable judge, based on his initial 45 day sentencing of paris hilton and mandate that she serve her time in jail --- no alternative methods would be acceptable. then her sentence got reduced to 23 days, but at least she'd still be in a real live jail. then she went to jail and the world rejoiced. three days later, she got sent home with an ankle bracelet by the evil sheriff baca because of a mystery "rash"...a rash i'm sure baca himself will have to deal with soon - if you know what i mean. when the world was in uproar, sending emails and making phone calls (why didn't i think of that) protesting paris' release, baca said this idiotic statement: "My message to those who don't like celebrities is that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice" i don't know what world he's living in, but i'm sure it has swiss bank accounts.

Back to my hunky man--- when Judge Sauer found out that paris was released to finish her sentence under house arrest (in her four bedroom three bathroom house no less) he got MAD!!! He ordered her back in court this morning and her attorney insisted on having Paris "appear" in court via telephone. Sauer wasn't having that either, and sent a sheriff's car to pick her up and bring her in.

Before i go on to the best part, here is a quote from Ms. Hilton herself, in response to her early release: "I want to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally," she said. "I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes."

i have so many problems with that statement, that i'm just gonna move on to the good part.

Paris has been ordered back to jail by the Honorable Judge Michael T. Sauer. Oh, and instead of the reduced 23 day sentence, she must now serve the full 45 days. !!!!! !!!!!!! hhahahahajfkle;afjeiao~~~!!!!!! if that's not good enough for you -- she was taken back to prison from court screaming "it's not right" and "mom! mom! mom!". if you search, you can also find pictures of her makeupless and covered in tears in the back of a cop car.

we'll talk about what lessons you've learned in 45 days hilton.

source - [BWE] yahoo

Monday, June 04, 2007

subway spotlight - the nice edition

i know sara usually does the subway spotlights, but i want to get in on the action too!

yesterday on the N train from queens to manhattan there was a very good performer playing the guitar and wind instrument that was handmade of pipes and string (i am an asshole for not knowing what this instrument is called).

He was so good in fact that the crazy (potentially homeless) man eating what appeared to be smelly trash even gave him money!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

SRC: Shear Genius and beyond

I figured that only one other reader watches shear genius, so i kind of slacked off towards the end there. to any curious minds, dr. boogie got knocked out two weeks ago, leaving the final three as Daisy, Ben and Anthony. Daisy was clearly the frontrunner, having been in the top 3 something like 7 out of 8 times. strangely enough, she still considered herself the underdog. ben, i think, got there by default and luck. my man anthony, took the competition and the title of shear genius.

as becca's previous post (and the following comments) pointed out, there's not many good reality shows popping their heads up yet. i watched on the lot for two minutes and switched out of boredom. i think i like the idea of the pirate show more than i would actually like the show. and as of right now, there's no sign of Rock Star coming back. (AARRRGH) So, there might be a little bit of a reality corner break until June 28, when i hope you will all join me and bravo for Hey Paula (formerly known as Straight Up), the Paula Abdul hot mess reality show. i might get a little bit of a slow start because i'll be moving that weekend, but i'm sure it'll be a blast. if anyone else catches any good reality shows, please drop them in the comments and either becca or i (or both) will check them out.

anyway, less reality corner equals more random blog posts, and those are loads of fun too.