Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shear Genius

Is anybody else watching this wonderful show? Or should I keep my comments to myself.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I don't know if there is anything i can say about this article right here (click it. believe me it's worth it) that would make it any better.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

SRC: Double Cop-Out and a Bonus Edition!


A clip show that I didn't even bother to watch more than 17 seconds of. Bummer.


I can't believe they made me sit through TWO FUCKING HOURS of performances and tearjerking videos and really AWKWARD moments and so much anticlimactic teasing...the most shocking duet they've been promising? Celine Dion and a digital Elvis. WHAT?!?! (good thing it was one of my favorite songs) the most shocking elimination in idol's history that they teased all episode -- NOBODY!! They said they absolutely COULDN'T kick anyone off on a charity episode! They made me sit through two hours of corporate shilling and poking my heart until i teared up (yes, i admit it, i did) for NOTHING. and after getting my hopes up by pretending that Jordin was getting the boot?! For shame, idol. for shame!


It seems as though there will be a season 2, and i will definitely do my best to add it to reality corner. For this season, I never saw a full episode...only the last half hour for maybe the last four or five weeks, but i was immediately rooting for chelsea -- maybe because she was the prettiest, maybe because she was the only one whose name i knew. (though for a few weeks i knew her only as "bangs"...imagine my surprise when i catch an older episode on mtv at the gym this weekend and find out that she didn't always have them. my mind was blown.) Anyway, she placed third. I guess a lack of great dancing skillz is a detriment when it comes to the pussycat dolls. so then it came down to other girls (for a while i thought the ones that weren't chelsea were all melissa) that i knew nothing about. and the girl that i didn't want to win because of the stupid way she taps the mic with her fingers whilst she sings took the prize and got to perform with the Dolls. I thought she looked silly. maybe because she's a child compared to the other Dolls. maybe because i don't think she's that pretty. ah well. next season i'll get more invested.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SRC: Idol Gives Back

Oh thank god. Hopefully we won't have to hear about it naymore.

TOP 6 PERFORMANCES. Mentor: Bono --- Inspirational Songs

CHRIS - Chris wisely kept the frills to a minimum and I thought parts of the song were very pretty.
Simon Says: Now that Sanjaya's gone, this bitch is official.

MELINDA - heart heart heart heart heart
Simon Says: All bow down to the Doolittle.

--umm, here's a question...where are the Bono mentoring clips?

BLAKE - to be honest, I was a little bored.
Simon Says: I agree with Sara, but at least you really meant it.

LAKISHA - bounced back from last week, but i'm dubious about her chances.
Simon Says: Shut up to the audience. Nice.

NOSPHILATU - Oh man. Dentist office music. That's what he is. That's why he's so creepy!!
Simon Says: Remember how we said stick with country last week? Yeah, you should do that.
Phil is so damn needy I hate it.

JORDIN - BO-RING. And pitchy at parts. That's right. I said it. My ears bleed. Why doesn't anyone see this? Randy -- is so wrong. What is everyone listening to?
Simon Says - ugh. what are these people ON?!?

I think this competition might come down to Melinda and Jordin.

I think Phil is going home and I think Blake and LaKisha are joining him in the bottom.

talk about a real butt head!

you know me and bathroom humor....

i just must direct your attention to this news story:
boy gets toilet seat stuck on head

a reluctant admittance

i have a confession to make.

i, becca jones, have been watching "the search for the next pussycat doll".

i am ashamed to admit that i watch it because it's reality tv at it's worst. every single girl was throwing up and dying the first show and yet they still made them audition or else get ejected! i believe the finale is on tonight - and i'll probably watch it and i just might cry....

apparently they are currently accepting submissions for the search for the next pussycat doll 2. i wonder if i should apply?

my application photo - (what happened when i tried to dance like a pussycat doll once)

Monday, April 23, 2007

I forgotted!!

I meant to post this last friday, but alas, i am a forgetful bean.

here are five things that made my mouth drop:

1) Paris Hilton and James Blunt dating. Two people I despise from deep within. i would be pleased if they both exploded together.

2) A girl that was at virginia tech during the massacre was also a survivor of Columbine. that poor girl must hate education.

3) I read some article that said Sanjaya is planning on taking over Broadway. he must mean the corner of Broadway and 43rd, collecting change.

4) There was a man on the train reading a pink newspaper. A PINK newspaper!!!

5) We are sliming Sanjaya today at work (Me:TV) and i'm thrilled.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


1) Some former top model contestant from the one season I never watched shows up to teach the girls how to interview. Between Dionne, Natasha, and Jaslene's accented speaking, Renee and Brittany speaking only bitch and excusese, respectively, and Jael not knowing how to open her mouth, maybe they should start with some speaking classes instead.
2)Tyra comes dressed as a kangaroo, with a real kangaroo, to announce that they are going to Australia!!! Jaslene's awesome reaction is "I've never been anywhere besides the hood and around the corner." Nata's reaction is about 7 minutes late. she on russian time.
3) i want that kangaroo to box brittany
4) Natasha quote of the day: "I was so excited to come to Australia, you know, somebody has a dream to go to Japan, somebody is crazy about the Ti-bet."
5) Challenge - The girls have to incorporate Aussie slang in their interviews. Brittany complains about something that I'll get back to in a minute. Renee and Natasha really impress me. Dionne underwhelms and says "aks" and "that's cool that's cool" a lot. Jaslene is pretty endearing when she uses the slang. I want to start saying "don't be a cactus" to people.
6) Foreign Cover Girl commercial time. The girls have to do this one with an Australian accent and I'm super excited. Every time the top 6 have to do this in a new country's language/dialect, hilarity ensues. I hate when they do commercials because there's no photo shoot, but ah well.
7 & 8) Ok, time for the aforementioned Brittany complaint/incident because she brings it up AGAIN during the shoot. Apparently, about five years ago, she was hit by a car and it affected her short term memory and her ability to do her own hair. Oh...just the first one. i was in a car accident about four years ago and i got bonked in the head, have no memory of the accident, had a 6 second short term memory for the day, a handful of minutes the next day, and it improved from there. I got out of memorizing a script in the weeks after because it was difficult to do, which was cool..but these days it's a really minor thing. i'm not saying we experienced the exact same thing, but i know that Brit isn't the guy from Memento because we've seen her fuctioning normally the whole season. She never brought this up before, she's just using it as another excuse because she's a whiner who's afraid of just not being good enough. ps four months after my accident i had to do a lengthy monologue in an australian accent and it was no problem.
RENEE - is kind of awesome here. mostly because of the accent
DIONNE - underwhelms again :(
JAEL - these accents have me rolling on the ground. Jael's such a weirdo. I'll miss her. spoiler alert.
JASLENE - Jaslene's accent isn't terrible, but she makes her voice go really high and it's high-larious.
BRITTANY - starts the shoot not with a try but with an excuse. i hate her. they bring out cue cards and she still pulls the memory card by saying she can't memorize from the card to saying it into the camera, but you don't have to memorize from a cue card. YOU FUCKING READ IT LIKE YOU HAVE SHIFTY EYES! that's the whole POINT! ARGH!
NATASHA - impressive. a pretty decent australian accent considering she already speaks english with a russian accent. This is a valid excuse brittany
10) Bottom 2 : Jael and Brittany (damn i'm good. sometimes.) I knew Jael's time was up this week, but I was definitely hoping for a surprise brit boot. there's always next week.

I think renee and natasha are a lock for the finals and the third spot will come down to dionne or jaslene.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

SRC: Top 6!

Everyone prayed to the heavens and we were granted our one wish!!!

A bunch of stuff happens, then Ryan presents our first performer for the evening -- Fergie. I literally said out loud "What the hay-ell??" Dionne-style. Then there's a KidzBop commercial for Ford. And THEN comes the good stuff. First off, the bottom 3. Ryan splits the seven in two groups consisting of Phil, Jordin, Chris, and LaKisha, Sanjaya and Blake. Melinda is (OF COURSE) safe. Looking at these two groups it is almost impossible to guess which group was the bottom. Going by the past, it seems like the bottom group should've been the one with chris and phil in it. but jordin being in there threw things off. anyway, we find out that it's not that group at all and i was way off in my prediction. well 2/3 off. Martina performs and everyone dies inside of too much beauty. then ryan is quick to save his boyfriend, Blake and send him back to the peanut gallery. at this time, everyone is biting their nails because if Sanjaya knocks out LaKisha then the world will end. but alas, sanjaya is told it's finally his time and he immediately starts crying like a little bitch. he hangs on to laKisha like she's his momma and cries into her bosom and refuses to let go so ryan has to introduce his clip package without sanjaya. and here's where my problem with this whole prank was. to everyone in the country, this was a huge joke. sanjaya being kept on each week. we all knew this, he did not. he thought that he was getting by on talent, which is why he seemed genuinely shocked when he got those comments tuesday and why he was so crushed when he got the boot last night. so now he's ruined for life, but i still didn't tear up during his goodbye montage. everything makes sense again and now we actually have a real competition. i'm hoping phil is out next week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Subway Spotlight: Smart-Ass Kid

I overheard a kid approximately 8 years of age say the following to his mother whilst riding on the F train.

"If you're not coming home from work, then you're just a dumb ol' artist. All you do is make Disney pictures and pictures of tacky old women."

Coolface Brother Joke Time!!!!

American Idol Country Night?!
I thought they put the hoedown last week!

Now that's just out of line!

At the subway sandwich place today the line was extremely long during lunch hour. It wrapped around the store and even went out the door. I heard a guy behind me say, "this is like a chipotle line!". It's a pretty high traffic subway when it's line is compared with a chipotle line!

SRC: Top 7 Performances!

Country Night -- Martina McBride

I don't think I've ever known what Martina McBride looks like...

NOSPHILATU - McBride's got the shifty eyes. like she's wondering where her garlic necklace is.

JORDIN - Jordin TOWERS over Martina like an Amazon. Fittingly, she's wearing what I believe is Wonder Woman's prom dress.

SANJAYA - is getting cocky. i think the end might be nigh.

SIMON - FINALLY says something about the whole sanjaya/debacle prank. i think it's hilarious that sanjaya seems genuinely shocked when he gets bad feedback from simon and when simon says that he's as bad as the first round of idol. IT'S FUCKING TRUE SANJAYA. stop kidding yourself. ryan stirs some shit. simon disses him in an adorable way.

LAKISHA - I think Martina is in love with Lakisha. I totally agreed with the judges tonight tho.

CHRIS - I'm pretty sure Martina took her pants off for Chris. Cutie.

MELINDA - Melinda got her hair did. and it looks goooooood.

BLAKE - everyone's hero. the only guy with a chance.

bottom 3 guess: chris, sanjaya, and phil. it makes my heart heavy to say that it might be chris. how many lives do vampires have, anyway???

Monday, April 16, 2007


FINALLY, everyone!!! After many, many (ok, four) runner-up prizes, I have finally taken the gold in The Gilded Moose's weekly Prove Your Wit captioning contest. Three cheers!! I don't mean to brag or the way that i actually do mean to brag...because this road to the top has not been easy. I'd like to thank Fellowship member and personal brother, Ricky, for introducing me to The Gilded Moose. I'd like to thank my partner in crime/business/life/tennis doubles, Becca, for always being so supportive in my efforts. I'd like to thank my mom for doing my taxes "one last year" for the third year in a row. And of course, many thanks to The Gilded Moose for shining a light on a small mexican girl from a small sunny island. And how could I forget to thank Jordan Knight, my #1 crush ages 6 through 10.

Check out the post here!!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Previously: Sarah FINALLY went home. Everyone told Renee why they hate her.

Whitney's all "I'm gonna rock this week." I'm all "No. You're not."

1) Everyone is convinced Renee has changed, but Dionne is still unsure.
2) Brittany is such a whiner, she gets de-weaved. What will she complain about now?
3) There is an acting challenge with Tia Mowry and Vote for Pedro and Whitney's all "I'm gonna win this." and I'm all "No. You're not."
4) Renee wins the challenge and chooses Dionne to share the prize with. Dionne internally raises a suspicious brow because she doesn't buy it. They think they win teeny tshirts, but it turns out the real prize is a visit from their families/babies.
5) Renee keeps giving her husband closed mouth kisses. Like he's her grandpa.
6) The first thing that comes to Dionne's head when she sees her family is "What the fuck is wrong with my baby's hair?!" Reason #2178 why I love Dionne. Reason #2179 - her potty mouth. #2180 - her mother was shot and paralyzed whilst trying to turn some turd's life around and she says this as though it's no big deal.
7) I was with Natasha until she said "Somebody decided that I don't miss my baby as much as the others." --- unfair of her to say. I understand she was upset but...she made it seem like they did that purposely to hurt her. If Renee picked Jaslene to share the prize, then Dionne also wouldn't have gotten to see her baby.

PHOTO SHOOT - Reenacting famous moments from previous cycles with past contestants.

JASLENE - BRE - GRANOLA BARS - Jaslene is so excited about meeting/shooting with makes me love her more.
NATASHA - MICHELLE - FLESH EATING BACTERIA - Michelle looks great and Natasha killed it.
WHITTELLE - SHANNON - NUDE SHOOT - Whittelle laughs at Jay's cycle 1 look. Whitney's all "Oh, I'm gonna rock this." And I'm all "No. You're just not."
JAEL - REBECCA - FAINTING - I heart Jael even more after she responded to seeing the clip of Rebecca fainting at panel with "Woah. She rules." This was not her best shoot though.
BRITTANY - MICHELLE, AMANDA - NOT SURE WHAT THIS 'ISSUE' WAS - Ugh. I admit it. It's a good picture. However, my roommate noticed that the twins were pixellated and Brittany was photoshopped to look more prominent.
RENEE - JOANIE! - DENTIST- Joanie!!!! Joanie!!!!! Hooray for Joanie!!! Joanie steals this shoot. because she rules.
DIONNE - KIM - GIRL ON GIRL ACTION - Dionne is kind of homophobic about this which I was unprepared for. but once she got over it, she rocked the shoot and actually *wink wink* enjoyed herself.

8) There's a lot of weird voiceovers added in post regarding the comicbook style of the shoot...and they never show the pictures in the screen...which leads me to believe that they weren't looking at the same final product in panel as we were on our picture they had the whole comic idea way later. weird.
9) This week they told Renee to be not so ugly, but last week they told her to ugly it up. How are the girls supposed to know what they are doing with the CONSTANT contradictions? oh what do i care. i love a batch of confused girls.
10) It comes down to Whitney and Jael. Whitney knows the second that she's one of the final two that she's going home. Whitney says in her exit interview that she honestly didn't think she'd be eliminated today. I say she should've asked me about it last week.

I think Jael and Brittany will go in the next couple weeks. What does everyone else think?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SRC: Top 7! r.i.p. white girls

For some unknown reason the results shows are now an hour long. Idol better fucking give back, I think I've given them at least 178 hours of my life this season alone. Bottom 3 are Phil, Haley, and Chris. Thankfully, Phil's streak of being saved is over and Chris gets sent back to the seats. It's hilarious because this entire hour long episode, Haley KNEW she was going home. Phil is creepy and does what creepy guys do which is lurk around for longer than they are wanted. Hopefully he's out next week. My fake hatred for Sanjaya is turning into real hatred because he's talking a lot more now than he used to and he's just exposing himself as THE biggest dweeb on the planet. and apparently he's taking straight lessons from the ryan seacrest school of overexaggerating/fabricating a fondness for women, because neither of them convince me. I was also thinking last night how I'm most comfortable with ryan seacrest as an asexual person. because i really don't buy him with women. and he's so uncomfortable about publicly liking men, you can't really see him in that light. I like to think he can just grow mini-seacrests out of his side. a little army of seacrests.
umm, yeah. that's all. akon performed and it was nothing special. j.lo performed and it was 'passionate'. i really don't want to hear anyone else say that jordin is genuine because she's so false with the camera and her eyebrow lifting and it's all a show and i don't buy for one second that she's genuine.

not one gosh durn second.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SRC: Top 8 Performances - ALL J.LO EDITION!!!

Latin Night. Guest "Mentor" - J.Lo. I'm not sure if a vocal mentor...makes much sense to me...but it's brought the all J.Lo edition of Spring Reality Corner, so I am thankful.

ps - i would've paid to see Gina do Latin Night

MELINDA - J.Lo is all "I'm from the Bronx. Girl, you sexy!"
LAKISHA - J.Lo is all "I'm a dancer, I was a Fly Girl."
CHRIS - J.Lo is all "Hablo espanol! I could buy this white boy!"
HALEY - J.Lo is all "This ho sucks. I better lend her an outfit. Shoot."
NOSPHILATU - J.Lo is all "I rode on the 6. I've never seen a guy as creepy as you."
JORDIN - J.Lo is all "I'm Jenny from the block. I will teach you to be a woman."
BLAKE - J.Lo is all "Don't you dare sing my husband Marc Anthony's song. Oh, just kidding. It's okay."
SANJAYA - J.Lo is all "Girl!"

I hope the bottom three is Haley Phil and Sanjaya.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Please don't make the same mistake I did

As a public service I decided that we should begin compiling a list of inappropriate baby names.

Here you have the initial list:

Hanibal (the kid is a cannibal)
Lester (molester)
Adolf (not a good idea, particularly if your child has a tiny moustache)
Mario & Luigi (ok by themselves, but inappropriate for twins)
Chucky (your kid is a possessed doll on a killing spree)
Caligula (your child is a depraved roman emperor)
Satan (unless your child is a rottweiler)
Lassie (my child is the mental equivalent of smart dog)
Mr. Ed (actually, I’d give major credit to someone who names their kid Mr. Ed)
Jabba (thanks sara, duh becca)
Becca (wait…..)

Additions to this list are welcome!

my favorite old man

i went to see grindhouse this weekend (so effing awesome. mostly planet terror, but i still appreciated it as a whole) with my roommate and as we were waiting for the flick to start, my roommate pointed out an old man sitting all by his lonesome a few rows diagonally down from us. he was wearing a little beanie and wolfing down popcorn. my roommate and i were discussing the types of people that go to movies alone, and that they are either really sweet souls or complete assholes. just judging by the looks of this guy, we assumed he was of the asshole variety, but my roommate made a note that we should keep checking up on him throughout the film to see his reaction. before the film started, he left -- we assumed it was to get more popcorn since he'd already finished his first batch, but when he came back empty-handed, we realized he was probably also empty-bladdered. anyway, i first realized i loved this man when he removed his hat by grasping the tip and gently tugging it off his head. Our true love blossomed for this 60-something year old gent when we noticed that he was absolutely LOVING this movie. Throughout the three and some hours, he alternated between these two expressions:

Oh man, he was GREAT!!! i really like to think that this movie took him back.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Previously: Diana was chubby and boring, so she got sent back to Jers.

Twiggy meets with the girls to help them create a new name for themselves. We find out Twiggy's real name is Leslie Hornby. How quaint. Dionne chooses byfar the best name: "Wholihay".

For this week's challenge, the girls go to a SmartWater party to try out their new nicknames. There are "celebs" like Tia and Tamara Mowry and celebs like 50 Cent, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. (Although it's debatable whether these girls are celebs or "celebs".) Jael annoys the shit out of 50 cent to the point where he pushes her into the pool. For some unknown reason, Natasha jumps in after her. Each girl has to try and impress Tyra's BFF, Benny Medina and his cohorts. Wholihay wins this challenge. Also worth mentioning is this: Nicole Richie asks Renee who she hates in the house and Renee says Jael. Cut to: Nicole Richie going up to Jael and saying "That girl told me she hated you." Later in the house, when Jael and Renee are discussing this incident, Jael says to Renee "You're so beautiful, it's such a waste." Awesome. She then tells Renee that none of the girls in the house like her and when Renee asks them if this is true, she's met with awkward silence.

This week's photo shoot is some sort of beauty thing where they have to show four different sides of themselves. It was pretty effing boring.

DIONNE - does well
JASLENE - looks dragalicious in all her pics. This was her first misstep.
NATASHA - i'm glad they didn't cut her early
JAEL - saved herself with these pictures. otherwise, i think the bad behavior at the party would've gotten her booted.
SARAH - sucks. and gets the same goddamn criticism every week yet there's never any improvement.
BRITTANY - I'm counting down the days. why doesn't she ever get scolded about not taking care of her hair. she just gets coddled. that hair is nappy. did you see how it stuck straight out of her head at panel like it was made of cotton candy?
RENEE - looks orange. but a pretty orange.

After the photo shoot, my guess for the bottom two is Whitney and Sarah.

Tyra has a therapy session with the girls. It comes out that Renee is a hateful bitch. Tyra is all "you know the best thing to do when you're feeling attacked? Have everyone sit around you and tell you why they hate you." i can probably think of a couple of better ways to approach this situation. I think Renee is this cycle's eva and they want to make us learn to love her.

Panel: Down to Whitney and Sarah. I thought Whittel would go, but then realized they probably didn't want to do one plus size right after the other - especially with everyone calling Tyra fat these days. So - Sarah this week (HOO-FUCKING-RAY!!!!!) and whitney next week. and hopefully brittany the week after.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Top 8!

It shouldn't have been Gina! I was not only completely stunned and caught off guard by this, but i was also pretty pissed about it. i don't want to say too much about how sanjaya is ruining this show and how obnoxious people that don't care about the show are helping him along, but seriously, it's sad for these kids that are actually trying to do something with their careers. Anyway, regardless of Sanjaya (because he's kind of just there, i don't think anyone really considers him a competitor), I definitely thought that Haley and Phil would both go before Gina. You can tell Haley thought it would be her, but she's underestimated the power of her A+ getaway sticks and Jessica Rabbit-ly powers of seduction. And I guess Phil is backed not only by the military voting crowd, but also the horror movie fans. I loved during Gina's sing-off (which was one of the better singing whilst crying moments) when they do an extended shot of sanjaya looking like the guiltiest motherfucker in the world. yeah. take that! i hope your soul is ruined. i can't believe my girl is gone! i knew she wasn't gonna win, but c'mon now. at least sanjaya hasn't broken into the top three yet--which we now know (and kind of always did know) consists of Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SRC: Top 9 Performances - Classics

Guest Mentor: Tony Bennett

BLAKE - i think he does great with this song. he did what chris daughtry refused to do and sang a song in the style it was written instead of making the song be the style that suits him.

NOSPHILATU - creepy. has a creepy old man crush on tony. he is so sweaty after the judges comments. i hate how defensive and needy he is.

MELINDA - face! face! in her clip she starts to cry and somewhere a baby bunny dies because it is so sad. but then i got rhythm came along and melinda was all "shazam!" and the bun bun came back to life.

-I think if ryan seacrest ever did a woman, it would be Melinda Doolittle. and he'd be really awkward about it.

CHRIS R - Oh. hooray. we can just call him chris. cutie.

JORDIN - oh everyone loves little jordin sparks. well guess what? i don't! yeah, i said it.

GINA - i heart this gina glocksen character

SANJAYA - i wish this clown weren't taking up a spot. i bet he plays d & d. and he wears a cape to the meetings. oh and after simon tries a new tactic and says "incredible!", Sanjaya quite nerdily shouts "WELCOME TO THE SANJAYA UNIVERSE!"

HALEY - Ryan asks her if its scary to wait for the judges responses and she only talks about simon. as though he were the only judge. I think haley might be turning into jessica rabbit. the judges are kind of rude about how she's all va va voom. haley is pissed about it.

LAKISHA - Ruan seems to have been attacked by a small man prior to introducing LaKisha. LaKisha has weird head gestures. Anyway, excellent as always.

My guess for the bottom 3 this week is Sanjaya, Phil and Haley.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

and now, in non reality tv news...

I was at the pharmacy this morning picking up some magic drugs and there was a bit of a wait because the woman that was being helped was having problems with her the time I arrived, i would guess by the exasperation on the pharmacist's face (as well as the faces of his assistants) that she had probably been there about 10 - 15 minutes already. one of the assistants tried to help me at the same time that this woman's problem was being addressed, but it seemed too overwhelming a thing for her to she told me it would be about a 10 minute wait. During these ten minutes, the pharmacist figured out a way for her insurance to go through. He proudly announced this to her and then said "but it's gonna cost the same..." With my detective skillz, i assumed he meant that it was going to cost the same amount they were going to originally charge her before this whole insurance fiasco. He then told her that she had a deductible, to which she responded "Deductible?! i don't have a deductible!" Calm Pharmacist says "It went through and this is what they told me" and then he showed her the cost of the medicine. She said something like 'That's what it costs for five pills?! How much will it cost when i need more?!" Exasperated Pharmacist shrugged and walked away to fill the prescription. Disgruntled lady then says to herself "That's no deductible" turns back to her cell phone (she's been on hold with her insurance company), quietly says "okay thanks", and then just slowly sidles away while the backs of all three pharmacy employees are turned. They don't realize she's left until about 2 minutes later, when assistant number one turns to say "can i have that --- UNbelievable!"