Sunday, February 10, 2008

WRC: Rock of Love 2

The most amazing thing just happened on tonight's episode of Rock of Love. We're at elimination and its down to two girls. These two girls are best friends in the house, but one of them has to go. Also, Aubry (sporting a 50's hairdo from her pinup shoot date earlier, making this all the more wacky) was acting all crazy needy girlfriend all episode and had asked bret not to keep her there a minute longer if he wasn't interested in her. The other, Kristy Jo, got married twice, like back to back from what i can tell, and is still legally married. In addition to this, she's got a kid and a whole mess of baggage. she requested a private meeting with bret and opened her heart to him, saying she was having doubts about staying (when really i think she's just afraid of getting hurt). he went and trash talked her on a date with some other girls, and when she found out she conferenced with him again, where it seemed like he convinced her to stay and she agreed to try and stop acting like a psycho.

ok, now that we're all caught up, on to the second best thing that's ever happened on rock of love. (the first, of course, being in the first season when heather finally saw lacey's true colors and flipped her shit, going so far as telling lacey's dad that lacey sucked bret's guitar every night. it was the 'dicksucking whorebag' heard 'round the world.) So, we're down to Aubry and Kristy Jo and Kristy Jo is crying her little prim eyes out because she's nervous that bret's gonna cut her now that she's decided to stay (even though she told him a couple times she wanted to leave). Aubry is standing there cool as a cucumber, stealing glances at her best friend every couple of seconds. this is all intercut with interviews of aubry saying that she knows that kristy jo is going home tonight, she knows that bret's last pass is for aubry, and her heart has just dropped out of her seeing her best friend like this. bret is fumbling for words trying to come up with the best way to cut the last girl, talking about how today has been an emotional rollercoaster. as he is about to say something substantial, aubry just walks down the carpet towards him and says "if i leave, will you give her another chance?" Then she starts with the waterworks and tells bret that he really thinks kristy jo deserves another chance so she'll leave if he'll let kristy jo stay. everyone is like 'what the fu--' i'm thinking that aubry didn't want to hear if bret liked her or didn't like her, so she sacrificed herself so she wouldn't have to find out. Destiney interviews the most awesome thing she has ever said (and i normally don't care for her)..."Aubry is sacrificing herself for another girl in the house that WANTED to leave. None of this makes sense! They should BOTH get the fuck out of here!" So okay, this is all dramatic. then we see aubry leaving the mansion and she is fucking sobbing and she interviews that this is the biggest gift she's given anyone in a long time so she hopes kristy jo really uses this second opportunity and she liked bret but she loved kristy jo more and its all so weird with her pinup hair. and then. and THEN we cut back to the elimination area, and bret turns over the pass he had in his hand...and it was for Kristy Jo! Aubry was gonna get eliminated anyway. hahhahahahahahahhaahfdksa;jfsa;jfwa. i had kind of secretly hoped that's what would happen, but didn't want it to be true for aubrey's sake. oh man. how embarrassing!! but totally awesome for meeee.

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