Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh ET, you're so credible

i was just in my living room with the tv on for background noise as i practiced playing debbie gibson songs on my ukulele (true story) and Entertainment Tonight came on. They were teasing the next segment about vanity fair's hollywood cover (the only two times i've purchased vanity fair were for their hollywood issue) and i stopped mid-Lost In Your Eyes because emily blunt appeared on the screen as a part of this year's cover (i reeely love emily blunt). So then i hear the lady (the one that's not pat o'brien) teasing the segment as such "Coming up, Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue Cover Shoot with Anne Hathaway, America Ferrera, Jessica Biel and Juno!" Really, ET? You're not gonna call her by her real name? Is it because you don't think a lot of the country knows her name? Well, clearly you're featuring her in the tease because you're relying on people at least recognizing her couldn't just flash her picture as you did and say "Ellen Page"? Or even "Ellen Page from Juno"? Really?

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your wife said...

You and me. Ukulele duo. I am busting some hardcore JOURNEY right now. And SWV's Weak. I'll share my charts with ya.