Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Subway Spotlight: Confused Model (?)

Today's Subway Spotlight is brought to you by one injured left wrist, and one sprained right ring finger (thanks boxing!) keep in mind that the wrist is wrapped and the finger is taped, and at some point i'm going to get tired of hitting the delete for my typos.

I was on my way home from work today in the thick of rush no room on the train rush hour...and since i was stuck in between people in one of those middle areas with no poles to hang on to , i had to perfect what i imagine my snowboard stance to be while focusing on powering my core so as not to fall ass over tits in the middle of the F. I noticed behind me some tall pretty lady in the midst of a convo with some shorter dude, but i really payed it no mind until i realized a few minutes later that she was just kind of shooting the shit with him and they didn't really know each other. a few stops later, a seat cleared up and i nabbed it. a stop after that, the seat next to me cleared, and this lady took a seat.

after a couple stops on our ride together, she turned to me and asked me "If i'm going to clinton and delancey, where should i get off?" I told her that the stop she was looking for was Delancey. She asked if this was the next stop and i told her it was probably two or three stops away. She continued sucking on her heart shaped lolly until two stops later where she asked "is it this one?" and i said "no this is 2nd avenue, it's the next." at the next stop, she said "this one?" and i told her yes. throughout our ride together, she informed me that she never rides the subway, so she doesn't really know how to get around (i could tell by how friendly and willing to strike up convos with subway strangers that she was not an avid train rider). she then asked if i ride it everyday and when i said yes, she told me that she usually drives everywhere, so it's hard for her to figure it out. in fact, earlier, she tried to get a subway downtown to delancey and ended up on an uptown train going to 23rd st (can i get a heavy sigh from the new yorkers here?). many things led me to believe that this poor confused soul was a model. here is the list:

- tall

- skinny

- beautiful

- slight accent

- sucking a heart shaped lollipop

- fashion forward hairdo

- "drives everywhere" which I believe equals "cars pick her up and take her wherever she needs to go"

- i basically had to hold her hand until her stop.

- trying to go downtown but accidentally took it uptown (aka dumb)

this confused model (?) is not our typical subway spotlight honoree, but i thought she deserved a mention for her commitment to our plebian ways of traveling undreground and her pure fascination at the skill us mortals possess when it comes to navigating a twisted web of train lines.

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