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WRC: PH2 - They DO Kind of Look Alike

Sorry for my tardiness this week. i'm gonna try and figure out the best day to put these up and start doing that. Especially with both Pussycat Dolls and Top Model starting up this week. I'll keep it up as long as I can.

Oh my god, after the longest previouslys ever, we finally get started. Oh, oops...I thought they were over, but we're still going over everything that happened last week. Sheesh, we KNOW! After all this recapping, they STILL show us the footage we saw at the end of last week's episode, except now we see what happens after Chelsea and Ryan go behind closed doors.

Paradise Hotel List of Amazing:
14. Chelsea is totally drunk here as she and ryan alternate between making out and talking about why they didn't just pick each other in the first place. Little do they know, some of the other guests are spying on them. Also, the other guests are bitter. What ever happened to "sharing is caring"?

15. James whines like a little bitch about Chelsea hooking up with Ryan.

16. The other girls are DISGUSTED with Chelsea it seems. What?!? As if they all weren't trying to get some ass on their own. chelsea's just playing the game. We saw you rolling around pleading your empty room for sex, Tanya. Chelsea is trying to explain herself, saying she wanted to hook up with james, but needed to be drunk (!) and then just ended up hooking up with the wrong guy. she then hilariously adds "they kind of look alike!"

17. Tanya and Chelsea pretty much go after the same men. I think they both liked Mike first, but then James (then both picked James) and today we find out that Tanya was starting to like Ryan when Chelsea hooked up with him. What a coincidence. So now, Tanya gets to choose her two individual dates, and she picks Ryan and Mike. This is so high school. I love it.

18. Tanya pointedly tells Ryan on their private date that she doesn't need alcohol to make out with someone (hint, hint, Chelsea).

19. The virgin wonders if, because she doesn't want to give it up, she'll be the first one out of a game where people are just trying to sleep with each other.

20. Tanya shows us just how true #18 is by making out with Mike.

21. Mike thinks he's so slick but do you think that'll change when he watches the show and realizes he's balding?

22. NOT amazing - some weird awful racist shit goes down between james and raheim and it goes on for way too long. and yeah, what james said was ridiculous, but raheim's behavior that prompted james to say that was nothing to be proud of either. ugh it's so ridiculous. james stands up to apologize and is nothing but 'i'm sorry' and 'i'm getting up because i like you' but rahim seems intent to fulfill the 'angry black man' stereotype and its pretty disappointing. the group has to hold him back while james tries to apologize. it's so ridiculous because when he sees its going nowhere, james just goes back into the pool...walks away. raheim continues screaming at james saying 'what?! what?!' (dude he's not challenging you) while pushing away the three girls that are trying to hold him back. seriously guy. you suck.

23. tanya gets her bell rung by mike.

Roommate Ceremony-
wait, Amanda drops number 24 here...

24. Because Mike and Tanya got it on while Tanya was in the single room, she is no longer safe from elimination. hahah! oh PH2, with your made up on the fly rules!

ok, Ceremony-

Tanya picks Mike. Charté remains with Nate. Tihidra stays with Raheim (ooh but Raheim hates Tihidra!). Lauren (who?) goes with Ryan again. Krista goes with the last available male, James. Chelsea goes for her bedmate Ryan.

So now, Ryan has to choose between his east coast buddy and old roommate, Lauren (which?) and the girl he drunkenly hooked up with, Chelsea. And he picks Lauren. Ouch!! Guess Chelsea's not great in the sack.

25. Chelsea is out.

Next week -- A new guy checks in to the hotel.

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