Sunday, February 10, 2008

Help Me Stupid!!

Welcome to our new feature, Help Me Stupid!! where Becca and I write in to each other for advice on simple everyday matters. We are both seasoned listeners and uncertified class A advice-givers, so if any of you have any problems you'd like us to work out for you, feel free to write us at

Dear Help Me Stupid,

I recently started taking a boxing class to mix up my workout routine and to get out a little extra aggression. i also think it adds to my badassness. however, the 'seasoned vets' of the class have adopted a little bit of an attitude against us newer members of the class, and i just want some friends. should i stick to being a loner or try and integrate myself into their heathers-like clique (and if so, how?)?

Love always,
Friendless Fighter

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