Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm not a curse after all!!

i've never been much of a football watcher in the past...whether its because i associate it with the stepdad i never liked or because i've never had a standard american football experience is for my future therapist to decide. My high school football team (the mighty menehunes!) were...not great. This is evidenced by me having to remind myself that i did actually attend every football game in high school, if only because i was required to either jazzily play my saxy toot-toot to rally up the crowd or twirl my pretty flag during half-time shows (don't make fun). I went to sarah lawrence college, where one of our favorite jokes is that our football team is undefeated (because we don't have one...har har), and consequently, the friends i have from school do not thirst for blood and victory when any particular team is playing. so, in my life i have 'rooted' (used loosely) for the cowboys because they are my mom's favorite team, the chiefs because that is where my father's loyalty lies and maybe once the vikings because they are purple. recently, however, i'm getting more into it. maybe it's this anti-mexican immigration hubbub pressuring me to feel more american. maybe it's because i started watching friday night lights (which makes me sad for everything in the world) and i'm reliving my teen years through that. maybe it's because my hometown's college team, the UH (rainbow) WARRIORS made it to the sugar bowl this year with a perfect season...until they got their asses whupped by the georgia bulldogs at the actual thing. anyway, my point is, i usually watch no more than one football game a year, but this year i've already seen three. the teams i rooted for during the first two lost terribly so i thought that maybe it was best that football wasn't a part of my life...that all changed during yesterday's superbowl. i had to root for the giants because i live in new york and also because i don't love the patriots (haven't they been in enough superbowls? we get it! why don't you knock up another hot girl and ditch her, brady?). i quietly rooted for ny, not wanting any jinxes to spill out onto them..and even though it looked like my curse would be 3 for 3, they came around at the very end and i raised my can of beer in victory.

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