Friday, February 29, 2008

WRC: AI - Top 16

paula wast-o-meter: 3.4

i'm pretty amaaayzing...i was completely correct in calling the booted boys. unfortunately, i'll no longer get to marvel at how much jason yeager looks like a thick version of my best friend or how hard robbie is trying to be a rocker.

i didn't get a chance to put my two cents in about the girls before tonight's eliminations, but let me tell you this: i knew one of them white girls were going home. i mean, am i wrong here? it was two of the same girl, right? i couldn't tell them apart. one would go up and sing, and the next would go and i would either think 'isn't that the one that just went' or not be able to picture the other one. so whatevs, no big surprise there. if it matters (or if any of you can tell them crackers apart) alaina went home. and now on to my great sadness.... deep down i knew that alexandréa probably wouldn't make the top 6 girls. she was too cool, not enough people would get her. i got her. i loved her. i hoped that she would make it, but alas, she was just too awesome for idol season 7. farewell alexandréa, we hardly knew ye.

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