Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Saturday Night Mystery

I just finished watching saturday night live's first new episode in a very long time (with awesome host tina fey)...and while it was an uncharacteristically consistently funny episode, i have one question...some new girl debuted in the credits as a featured player, and a lot of the sketches this episode were women-heavy, (so this new girl was used a lot) but i kept getting the feeling that something was missing. and then i realized i hadn't seen maya rudolph all episode. and then i realized that i don't think she was in the credits. so i did some minor internet searching, but all that came up was how she was going to leave like, 4 days before the season premiere, but then renegged two days later or something. and..unless my memory is completely failing me, i could've sworn she was in the first half of the season. so my mystery here is threefold: 1) has maya rudolph left the show? 2) was maya rudolph even there for the first half of the season (and did i block it out because it was so traumatic to think there are only two female cast members left [this does not take away from the fact that if i were to see kristen wiig or amy poehler on the street, i would nonchalantly grasp their hand and walk with them as though we were bff])? and 3) am i probably the only one who still watches snl?

leave your answers in the comments pleez. these questions are many things, but they are not rhetorical.


jeremy said...

Yeah, who the fuck was that chick?

Sorry that was a question rather than an answer.

Sara said...

i accept any and all responses. but while we're discussing that girl...she really did her best to come out guns a-blazin' huh?