Sunday, February 03, 2008

Subway Spotlight: Clownin' Around

It's been a little while since we've had a subway spotlight...i guess it takes a little more to dazzle us these days. Today's fellow did just that. If by dazzle i mean scare the living poo out of, and by us i mean me. I swipe-swiped my MC (yep, i abbreviated that again), descended the stairs, and started my walk along the platform towards the front of the train. I pass a few normal looking people, a man alone on the left, a couple over there on the right, then a man...literally dressed as a clown...striped shirt, striped socks, big shoes, comically oversized overalls, bright red bowler cap, NO MAKEUP!!! What the EF? I didn't know whether to count my blessings that there wasn't a full-blown clown in my midst (because we all know how flippin scary they are)...but for some reason, it just made me a little more nervous that this dude was all clowned out minus the makeup. like, if you're heading to a kiddie party or a mass murder and you're gonna apply when you get there, just take the whole outfit in a duffel, right? if you're gonna travel in full clown regalia, fucking commit to it and paint me some tears bitch!

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