Monday, February 25, 2008

Required Oscar Post

I had a wonderful Oscarly time last night. I won the pool for the second year in a row! except last year, i was know in a pool with other people. this year, i was the only one at my i was going to win no matter what. and thank god! while i was off to a pretty good start, i believe my overall score was lower than it has been in a while. while i would love to go over awesome little moments from the telecast, everyone in the world has done that already, and i can't rely on my memory for things like that. instead, i will just boast about the categories i did get correct..and maybe whoever wants to can leave their fave telecast moments in the comments.

While i did get three out of four of the acting awards (tilda swinton got the best of me) and directing and best picture correct, what i really want to brag about are my skillz of picking out the winners for the lesser known categories. did i get cinematography? costume design (ugh i was so close to getting this one too!)? documentary feature or foreign language? NO! but if you ever need assistance on picks for art direction, film editing, makeup, original score, original song, live action short film, visual effects, or sound mixing...COUNT ON ME!!! i got all these right. and i would've gotten sound editing too, but they never give that to the same movie, so i thought it was wishful thinking that bourne ultimatum would get three oscars. i also got animated feature and original screenplay correct, but c'mon..who didn't?

So, to tally up the night, No Country for Old Men won biggest with four awards (big ones too), with The Bourne Ultimatum coming in second with 3 (!) and a tie for third with two each for La Vie en Rose and There Will Be Blood. And i walked away with a personal low of 14 out of 24 correct...but at least i still can brag about being able to pick live action short film based only on the title.

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