Friday, February 22, 2008


ok. not really. we all know that snow days dont' exist anymore.

the one sucky thing about living in nyc is that since the subways don't really shut down when it snows, there is essentially no such thing as a snow day for us idiots who take nyc public transportation to work. it's the one time i truly envy people who live in new jersey.

lets make the best of this situation, and think of some fun things to do on a snowy day in nyc, shall we?* when you fall backwards into the snow (both falling in the slush and cracking your ipod in the process), why not make a snow angel?

* when step into a slush puddle up to your knee, think - well, at least that woke me up. who needs coffee, when i can be jolted back to reality by freezing cold liquid filth?

* when you can't put your bag of trash in the trashcan because the it's covered in 3 feet of snow and you can't open the lid, why not use your bag of trash as the foundation for a snowman?

* when you take your dog for a walk, look at deep snow as an open invitation to not pick up it's crap. it'll make it an even funnier surprise for that lucky person who slips into it.

* don't shovel, especially if you live on a heavily trafficked area of sidewalk. watch the pedestrians have fun "skating" when the sidewalk in front of your home or business has been compressed and turned into ice.

* find the dirtiest pile of snow, ball it up in your hand...and throw it in a trash can. seriously, did you think i was going to tell you to throw it at someone?

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