Friday, February 15, 2008

A Superhero Love Story

As most of us here already know, I totally love superheroes. Like, to the point that sometimes i convince myself that i have powers (like the power to call the train when i've been waiting too long for it [that actually works...sometimes]). One of my lifelong goals is to be in a superhero movie (i was gunning for the xmen trilogy, but it's way too late for that now)...I totally could've done Wonder Woman if not for my un-amazonian height. If anyone knows the Heroes casting director, point me in that direction. bottom line, superheroes rule.

Imagine my delight when i came across this quiz at goal is "to give you the tools and guidance to make the best possible match between you and a comic book character. [They]'ve created 35 infallible questions to match you to a fictitious character in the most accurate and meaningful way."

Awesome. Here I was, ready to find out who my true superhero love was...which superhero I could snag with little to no effort. I answered all the questions, and was paired with:

BEAST?!?! whaaaa?? fo real?? My next closest match, Cyclops, i'd do in a SECOND. I took the test again to see which female superhero i'd be matched with...if it would be the girl version of beast and if i should really stop and assess what type of person i am that i'd be paired with a furry creature that likes to hang from crossbeams. my superheroine?:

jean effin gray! how come i can snag a hot (crazy) chick but only a beastly male? apparently i should be seeking out love at the primate section of the zoo. (i do love pygmy marmosets)

oh also, i don't think its any coincidence that i'm paired only with xmen. i totally should've been in those movies.

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