Monday, February 04, 2008

WRC: 1.5x the Crush

i was just scheduling my dvr for the evening (umm..not because i'm going anywhere or have a social life or anything, but because i watch too much tv and it all overlaps) and discovered something truly amazing. American Gladiators is AN HOUR AND A HALF tonight! fuckin' a! ALSO-- paradise hotel 2 premieres on my9 (ugh) and i am crossing my fingers that it is half as good as the first. (though how can it be, without the famous Buff Toni and her Eyes!!! (also from the equally amazing Love Cruise)...if it's worthy, i'll induct it into reality corner.

**side note--i just googled toni to find that picture and an article popped up telling me that American Idol Season something's third place winner, Nikki McKibbin, is Toni's sister. WTF?!)

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