Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WRC: AI - Top 12 Boys

Alright, I'm really not going to be as involved here as i was last season...we'll just take it how it comes, aight?

Paula Wast-o-meter: 6.8

I was trying to decide on 6 in and 6 out, but I could only confidently put 5 in after this first viewing...so the 5 i think are safe are:

Jason Castro (i might love this guy)
David Archuleta (mon chi chi!)
Robbie Carrico
Michael John (he's so dreamy)
and David Cook

Which means that the boys i think should be worried about even making the top 6 are:

David Hernandez (meh)
Chikezie Eze (never sass the judges)
Jason Yeager (he looks like a thicker non-part-asian version of my best friend)
Danny Noriega
Luke Menard (also dreamy)
Colton Berry
and Garret Haley

What do y'all think?

1 comment:

Becca said...

oh boo! in that one episode that i saw (last week i think) i really liked danny noriega!