Sunday, February 17, 2008

Help Me Stupid is a Success!!

Dear Help Me Stupid -

I just wanted to write in and thank you for your wonderful advice. You were absolutely right...except instead of sticking it out for 6 months, I only had to stick it out for 5 weeks!! The two main girls with the superior attitude were not in class today (a lot of people skipped out today) and the instructor kept referring to lil ol me as a seasoned vet! he also instructed the three newbies to watch me and two other girls to know 'how it's done'. Instead of adopting a snotty attitude though, I made sure to cheer on the new kids with plenty of whoops and 'alright!'s. With this new confidence as well as the lack of major players in the class, I felt more comfortable talking to my classmates. Thanks for encouraging me to wait it out Stupid! You're the best!

Not-as-Friendless Fighter.

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