Monday, February 25, 2008

WRC: PH2 -Woops

Paradise Hotel List of Amazing:

26. I'm an idiot and set my vcr to record the cee-dub instead of stupid my9 (who uses vcr's anymore? oh, me i guess...but not because i'm not technologically advanced, but rather because my dvr was busy elsewhere.) so i have no idea what happened or who went home. boo hoo.

27. i just remembered there's a thing called google, and it led me to this helpful link

a. I missed an adam and eve party!? whyyyyy???

b. omygod how could i have forgotten about pandora's box?! this is KILLING me that
i missed this episode.

c. i guess i can call this sublist the paradise hotel list of things i'm kicking
myself for missing. this mike/tanya wookie mating call, while believable, is
just too good to be true. basura!

d. good to see that 'sharing is caring' is still the motto around the place.

28. requisite not amazing list item = in the comments of that post that i led y'all to, someone pointed out that unassuming (but not afraid to back down) lil nate killed himself shortly after taping ended last fall. that's pretty sad.

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Becca said...

ok. i watched an episode of this show last night.

and it disturbed me to no end to watch him and to know that nate killed himself.