Saturday, February 16, 2008

Check THAT off the to-do list

I was working today (blech to saturday working. even if i only worked one other day during the actual work week), and we had reached the point of the day where my batteries were starting to die. i had to wake up at 4 am, and usually, i start to die out around 5ish pmish. So, it was at this point, and a lot of my coworkers had moved to a different location, so i was pretty much milling around by myself just waiting til my end of day duties. We were shooting at a house in Jers, and i was sitting in the living room staring at the carpet. i noticed a sad little fly 'ehn ehn-ing' around the rug lookin as if someone had slipped him a roofie. i thought about trying to step on it, but then decided that might be too mean. A little while later, i spotted the same struggling fly up on the back of the couch. i said to myself 'self, when will you have another opportunity like this?' and prepared to flick the fly. i completely thought that, as usual, the fly would zip away right before i made contact. however, this fly was three sheets to the wind, and my heart kind of broke as its little fly body *thwapped* against the force of my middle finger and then *thwapped* again as it bounced off the wall and lay stunned on its back. i felt so bad! but also, so awesome that i'd successfully thwapped a fly. does this make me a sociopath?