Tuesday, May 29, 2007

better to just read my post about this show than watch it

i'm sure nobody else on earth watched the ex wives club (a new tv show on abc) last night, and probably for good reason.

at first it seemed like it would actually be kind of ok. the premise is these 3 ex-wives help these people who have been hurt by exes move on with their lives. parts of it seem pretty empowering...they learn to forgive and move on with their lives. this is all fine and dandy, except it must not make very good tv because during one woman's recovery process all of the ex wives help in dropping her exes car from an airplane. not sure if this is therapeutic or just psychotic.

i can't believe that i was bored enough to watch that entire show. an hour of my life i can never get back.


littlejeans said...

Whoa, what?

I want to watch it now!

Becca said...

oh my god, really?!

perhaps i should sarcastically post about horrible shows more often (as a reverse psychology marketing ploy). but seriously, i really did hate that show.

a*dibbity doodah said...

Yeah. I watched it too. And The Lot. No more good reality TV left. I guess I have to either watch bad reality TV shows or watch "real" entertainment now. Sigh.

Becca said...

when you say "real" entertainment - you mean america's got talent, right?