Tuesday, May 15, 2007

interesting ad of the day!

sometimes on the commute to work in the morning i like to read a book, sometimes i like to silently hate the people sitting around me, sometimes i buy a cup of coffee and then accidentally spill most of it into my purse…and sometimes, when I am particularly desperate – I read the metro (a free newspaper they hand out at the subway stations). Boy was i glad i had nothing else to read a couple weeks ago, because this ad is amazing!

spiritual cleansing

do I have these problems? Lets see…depression – check, insomnia – check, phobias – check, addiction – check, sickness – check, migraines – check, victim of witchcraft…um….what?!


ricky said...

Finally! A place to go for victims of witchcraft.

Becca said...

spiritual cleansing is the new colonic!