Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Subway Spotlight: Lady Next to Me on the F

This lady, whom i'll call Melba, really ruffled my feathers this morning. And since Subway Spotlight is ever expanding, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight her here. This morning, I step onto a crowded F train and head to work. i find myself a nice pole to hang on to (dirty!) for the ride. about two stops later, Melba gets on and stands next to me, sharing the pole. then approximately two more stops later, two seats clear up next to my pole, so i take the better seat (aka not the middle) and melba sits next to me (aka in the middle). maybe 2 seconds after i sit, melba grabs my arm and says to me "can you turn that down?" i look at her with the most confounded look (even though she only got half of it, since i was wearing my cool shades) because, whilst listening to my ipod, the volume is at a level that's just loud enough to hear over the train. and i was pretty sure that i hadn't brought my 80's-style boombox on my shoulder today. There was no way she would've been able to hear the 'pod unless she was that kind-of butch mechanic lady that got killed on Heroes. So i'm looking at her all cornpoozedly, she's looking at me all expectantly like "why are you looking at me like that? i can demand whatever i want since i'm sitting bitch" we kind of have a stare off for about 3 seconds until her gaze slowly drifts up to the dude that had also been sharing the pole with us whence we were all standing. and then she says "oh! it's not you! sorry!"
inexplicably, even after i said 'no problem' i was still steaming about it. i don't really know why. but i got over it when, several minutes later,a softer song came on my 'pod and i could hear Third Dude's music over the train and over my own music. and he was sitting across the aisle. the end.


nat said...

Seriously so many annoying people asked me to turn down my Ipod....bah!

Sara said...

i think i was so upset because it's they have the right to do that? maybe they do...what do i know?

Becca said...

i think that would make me angry too actually.

why doesn't anyone ever tell the crazy person on the subway singing loudly to their music to shut up?