Monday, May 21, 2007


Previously: Dionne went home. saddies!

1) in addition to placing my bets on jaslene last week, at the top of the episode when they showed the picture (that they fade everyone out of) of the final three, i said aloud "Jaslene is in the winner position."
2) CoverGirl commercial. At this point, I figured natasha would probably not win because we know how covergirl likes their girls to have as little accent as possible. renee doesn't have one and jaslene's is probably easier to train away than nata.
3) caridee shows up and jaslene poops a brick. #1 fan! she gives the girls advice. you know, since she's been a top model all of half a year.
4) they have to improvise the commercials this year and they all suck. seriously, you thought those commercials couldn't get any worse?! also, for the photo shoot, they usually have the girls all do the same pose, but they changed it up this year. i think renee had the best shot, but she does look old.
5) first elimination: renee gets cut. I was definitely shocked, but renee was the most shocked of all. oh yeah, and some creepy-looking australian duo (sass & bide - the FIRST australian duo to show in NY's Fashion week. with blond hair. on a tuesday) are guest judges. oh yeah and the runway show will be their collection. they remind me of waldorf and that other muppet balcony guy. they also look like they are being puppeteered by the same person. does puppeteered really have that many e's?
6) renee gets one more Renee Two Faced Jab in as she's leaving by telling Natasha to 'win this for the mamas." even though just last week she was friends with jas and hatin' on natasha.
7) i think natasha just threatened her nameless baby's happiness if she doesn't win. Sign that baby up for therapy then. (spoiler alert)
8) crazy runway show - evolution of woman. or something. honestly, the least exciting fashion show in recent cycles. caridee will start the show off. i really expected more from jaslene. natasha loses a skirt and a hair ball during the show.
9) America's Next Top Model, 8th in line is: JASLENE!! Hooray!!
10) First latina winner! represent!! Also, jaslene and i looked very similar circa age 5. if only i had height!


Becca said...

yay! i didn't get to see the final ep! i'm happy she won!

ricky said...

if only you had height AND had been born a pre-op tranny.