Saturday, May 12, 2007

SRC: Shear Genius

Shortcuts Challenge - Men's Cuts

My girl Tab does a wonderful job. She's joined in the top by Dr. Boogie -- master clipper. Tabatha gets to choose her look for the elimination challenge first, and then assign the remaining looks to everyone else. Kristophe (baono) is the accented judge for the shortcuts challenge. I think ben also does a great job here.

Tab takes 80's Punk Rock and assigns the rest as follows:
Anthony - 60's, Danna - 40's, Ben - 20's, Daisy - Victorian, Tyson - Elizabethan, and Dr. Boogie - Medieval

They all seem to struggle at first when trying to figure out their concepts. I think Daisy does an incredible job. Tyson also does well -- they both make up the top 2. I think Anthony, Ben and Tabatha all did a good job, but could've stepped it up a little. In my opinion, Boogie and Dana were the worst, but the judges felt it was Danna and Anthony. I liked both, so i was a little bummed...but someone's gotta go.

***Who's excited for "Straight Up", Paula Abdul's upcoming reality show? Me.

I didn't know who should go here. They're both really talented and have crazy accents. Danna's hairstyle was worse, but she's won a lot of challenges. Anthony's shown good work and he's really hot. Everyone left is really good, so it's really anybody's guess who's gonna go next week -- it all depends on the challenge. This week, it's Danna.

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christine said...

i for one am way excited for straight up. the commercial is gold.

when anthony said, "i knew she was taking care of her boy" or whatever he said when she gave him 1960s was the moment he double-endeared himself to me as favorite. even though his piece for the "hair show" was boooo-ring. gimme a bubble flip, dude, i mean come on!