Saturday, June 02, 2007

SRC: Shear Genius and beyond

I figured that only one other reader watches shear genius, so i kind of slacked off towards the end there. to any curious minds, dr. boogie got knocked out two weeks ago, leaving the final three as Daisy, Ben and Anthony. Daisy was clearly the frontrunner, having been in the top 3 something like 7 out of 8 times. strangely enough, she still considered herself the underdog. ben, i think, got there by default and luck. my man anthony, took the competition and the title of shear genius.

as becca's previous post (and the following comments) pointed out, there's not many good reality shows popping their heads up yet. i watched on the lot for two minutes and switched out of boredom. i think i like the idea of the pirate show more than i would actually like the show. and as of right now, there's no sign of Rock Star coming back. (AARRRGH) So, there might be a little bit of a reality corner break until June 28, when i hope you will all join me and bravo for Hey Paula (formerly known as Straight Up), the Paula Abdul hot mess reality show. i might get a little bit of a slow start because i'll be moving that weekend, but i'm sure it'll be a blast. if anyone else catches any good reality shows, please drop them in the comments and either becca or i (or both) will check them out.

anyway, less reality corner equals more random blog posts, and those are loads of fun too.


christine said...

i thought i didn't care who won until they were about to declare the winner, and then i sort of surged with renewed hope for my boy anthony. although i thought the overall best head was daisy's dark-haired minx. gorge.
you probably noticed her cuz her hair looked a little like yours.

and, not to be like this, but does no one care about top chef??? i, for one, care about top chef.

otherwise i too am uninspired. by the upcoming shows NOT by all y'all.

Becca said...

aha! anthony won?! thank goodness for reality corner!

ricky said...

you know i love me some reality corner, but i do look forward to the random shit. especially subway spotlight!!!