Saturday, May 05, 2007

SRC: Shear Genius - 1st EDITION

I love Tabitha. I'm fond of Donna and Anthony. I think it's the accents of these three that really get me. I appreciate Daisy's work, but I can see how she might get too talky. I don't know yet where I stand on Ben. I think he's supposed to be the Sebelia of this bunch. Neck tat and all.

I don't like Tyson. or Dr. Boogie. Because. Really. You're gonna wear the same bandanna in a variety of colors every single day AND make people call you doctor? Evangeline is alright, but she's way annoying.

Donna wins the shortcut challenge.

ROWR. There's a catfight about hedge trimmers. Damn. Uh oh. The Tab brings it up to the host and guest judge...maybe taking it too far, but seriously, girl was getting ridiculous about those hedge trimmers. nothing really gets resolved.

Challenge - Red Carpet Hairdo for Vanessa Williams

God, this Rene dude has such a hard time with English. Is that his name? Did I make that up? I also kind of can't stand his catchphrase "Go shake it!!" He's no Tim Gunn.

My girl V is the guest judge. Top 2 this week are Daisy and Danna (winner). Bottom 2 are Ben and Evangeline. Evangeline and her hedge trimmers go home this week. But not before a way too long and awkward goodbye speech. See you next week, when maybe I will feel more confident about predictions...


ricky said...

are hedge trimmers something dirty? they sound dirty.

also does this show feature any scissor grinding?

Sara said...

no. just hedge trimmers. and by scissoring are you referring to an episode of south park? if so, this is what i have to say: scissor it, just a little bit

christine said...

i am going to go ahead and declare anthony my current fave. dawna's accent gives me the heebie-jeebies, it sounds so made up.

evangeline's speech made it hard for me to comfortably maintain eye contact with my tv. BUT two things
1, wassup with this and other bravo shows loving to kick off folks who've won challenges over middle-of-the-roaders? i believe it ought to be at least a little cumulative. but what the hell do i know, i'm not the woman who made the shag THE haircut.
2 - i also really think ben is a creepy weirdo, despite initially liking him.

now, go shake it.

Sara said...

i was wondering where you were at stiney. i heart you and you made me lol