Thursday, May 10, 2007

SRC: Top 3 Finalists!!

Ok, first of all, American Idol, we're totally onto you. You can't try to fool us with your camera tricks and screen magic and make us think that Pink performance was live, because it wasn't. We all know Pink taped a performance for Idol Gives Back and it was cut for time. We all know that you rolled that tape in and Seacrest gave a really terrible acting performance when it came to "Thank you PINK!" and she "responded" with an angry head nod. We noticed the suspicious absence of post-performance chat. Expect to see that one Gwen Stefani performance that was also cut from IGB next week, hyped as a live performance. don't insult us like this.

Second of all, RYAN. YOU AREN'T STRAIGHT. It's really effing sad that he puts on this whole dog and pony show about how he loooovesss girls and 'oh my god my fantasy is coming true because jessica alba is here!' seacrest, please. you couldn't be more original? jessica average is (inexplicably) every straight dude's number one, but even if you were straight ryan, she really wouldn't be your type. again, don't insult our intelligence. if anyone needs further proof of ryan's homosexuality, think back the the man on the street interviews he was doing. remember when he was asking people who they thought should go home and one chickenhead said 'blake' and ryan completely flipped his shit about it? don't talk about his boyfriend like that. now that chris is gone, ryan's got blake all to himself.

So, results. i'm gonna act like it all happened at once because, honestly, i ff'd through b. gibb's performance. so, for me, it kind of did. Jordin is first to be saved. no surprise there. melinda is next. no surprise a'tall. Between Blake and LaKisha, I knew it would be LaKisha. Simon and Ryan knew it would be LaKisha. Paula knew where her pills were this week. LaKisha knew it would be LaKisha. Seriously, like, from the beginning of the hour, LaKisha knew it would be LaKisha. So it's LaKisha who goes home. No surprise there. What was surprising was that i shed like, 2 tears during her video. everyone was crying! i didn't want to be left out.

umm, so a lot of people have a lot of theories. i think melinda for sure will be in the top 2. i don't want to make a guess just yet before the performance about who the other will be. I think...because i really dislike Jordin and I feel like she's experiencing somewhat of a backlash and so many people are saying she'll win, i want her to be the first out. but, blake has also really needs to save himself with the really, i think it's up in the air.


Becca said...

wow!! 4 posts in one morning!! very impressive!!

diz said...

OK. Blake has got to go. Jordin is annoying but Blake's white fence beat boxing is WORSE.

Sara said...

actually it was three yesterday and one today becca. keep up, okay?

Becca said...

i can't believe i got it wrong!! OH GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!

ricky said...

poor sad lakisha.