Monday, May 21, 2007


Umm. Ben shows up to the shortcuts challenge wearing a full ninja outfit. I want to call him Benny Ninja.

If you mix Gerard Depardieu, Steve Irwin, Meredith Grey and autumn, you get Jose Eber, the guest judge this week and celebrity hair stylist extraordinaire.

The contestants pair up to recruit people to get haircuts at a shopping mall. They can charge whatever they want and must keep a record of their sales. Tyson chooses Tabatha and then pairs Ben and Boogie together and Anthony and Daisy.

Quote of the day: "I don't even like walking up to girls in a bar. Drunk. Much less in a ninja outfit and sober." - Ben, who i am starting to love.

Boogie and Ben get a lot of clients at around 10 to 20 bucks each. Anthony and Daisy go for the 30 dollar range and tab and tyson are around $60 or $70. Tab and Tyson win with a total of $790. Even though they had less customers, they reamed the ones they had.

For the elimination challenge, the stylists must remain in the same teams. A whole team will be eliminated. This week, the challenge is bridal do's. They must do a bride, a mother, and a maid of honor within the two hours. Boogie is kind of a bitch to ben the whole time and is really just mean to his face. and ben takes it! anthony gets to see up close why daisy is awesome and more than just a chatty cathy. tab respects tyson professionally, but still hates him as a person.

Anthony and Daisy do a wonderful job and guarantee themselves the top spot this week. Tabatha might get herself in trouble by mouthing off to the judges about how much she hates tyson. and...yes, she does. tyson and tabatha are sent home!! Its shocking because they are both scads better than boogie and ben as stylists. i guess past work really has nothing to do with the decision here and it's all challenge based. makes it hard to pick a winner, i'd say.

four left!

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