Saturday, May 12, 2007


*** I caught some of this season's earlier episodes on VH1's cycle 8 marathon today and it was kind of crazy to see everyone knowing what i know now. If only I could warn my past self. It was amazing.

Previously: Brittany's fug complaining ass was sent home.

1) Natasha phone sex with her husband. but she might have misinterpreted this as well because i think she actually has sex with the phone.
2) It doesn't seem to have hit the girls that they were headed to the finals what with their lack of interest in putting any effort in the challenge and later Natasha's zero effort at the shoot due to a cold.
3) Dionne has now told us that she neither dances with nor kisses her boyfriend. I really wished Wholahay came out for this. She would've been perfect for the aboriginal challenge.
4) Renee wins and shares her prize with Jaslene. They get loaded with pearls. Renee thinks "Point me to the nearest pawn shop! No more beach-dwelling husband for me!"
5) Dionne, Jaslene, and Renee go out (Natasha is sick) and plot to get rid of Natasha. Also, they're eating like, lemons...or of a silver platter, but at one point it really looked like Dionne was presenting Jaslene with a silver trayful of blow.
6) These bitches are hilarious about the dancing! They each have to tell a story through different dances (or something) in their photo shoots. Jaslene secures her place in the finals with her shot. Dionne fixes her scowl eventually and I think produces a really nice picture. Natasha is a huge baby about being sick. She does not try at all. Even after Jay laid it down on the line for her (twice). she doesn't even have what danielle had and dani gave a great shot on top of an elephant. nata just looks awkward and has a really bad photo. it was like how bad she was in the beginning. Renee kills this shoot. Jay even calls one of her shots "glorious".
7) For the first time all season, they bring back the judging challenge. and it's just because it's time to get catty. they ask each girl who they think has the most and least potential. dionne, like every other girl who has gone first with this question and gotten screwed by it, does not answer herself as most potential. every other girl does. all but natasha say natasha has the least. natasha says giselle bundchen has the least potential. those crazy foreigners!
8) twiggy thinks everyone is jealous of each other.
9) judges say: dionne is not a top model, jaslene only gives one look, renee is old-looking. and remember when everyone hated her? and that natasha is the second coming, but let's give her a scare.
10) renee is first in the finals. jaslene is second. bottom two - natasha and dionne. dionne goes home :( oh snap, and she doesn't hug natasha back. for the first time in a while, any of the three girls left have a very good shot at taking this competition. i'm putting my bets on jaslene.

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