Thursday, May 03, 2007

SRC: Top 4!

So, some stuff happens, and then someone makes some crack about how Simon is a puppetmaster and Paula is a puppet or something and then Ryan says "oh but you're prettier" which both Simon and I immediately take as an insult to Simon's girlfriend. So Simon gets all mad and then Ryan is like "I wasn't talking about your girlfriend" and then Randy says "Fiance!" and it's all very confusing to me. Sooo, then a few minutes later, Ryan is asking LaKisha what it's like to kiss Simon and she's all "i'd do it again!" So then Ryan says that she should back off because Simon has a girlfriend and "they are in a very serious relationship." So then Simon genuinely cracks up for a really long time. I wish i were in on that joke, because it seemed like it was pretty funny.

Robin Thicke performs. Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son, and I can definitely see that. But it looks like Orlando Bloom might be his mother. He sings in falsetto but is way too preppy to pull of the timberlake r&b vibe, so the whole thing makes me a little uncomfortable.

Then some more stuff happens. And then we're at the first threesome. Melinda. Phil. LaKisha. Melinda SAFE!! LaKisha SAFE!! YES! NOSPHILATU HAS BEEN VANQUISHED!! THE NEEDIEST VAMP IN TOWN!! SUNLIGHT HAS RISEN ON YOU OL' BOY!! phew. okay sorry. one down. During his performance, Phil basically fondles everyone in the audience. Ick.

The Idol Challenge you serious??

The Next three up are Jordin, Chris, and Blake. Ryan immediately tells Jordin to sit. Well, at least the world knows now. We break for a performance by Bon Jovi (which i was surprisingly entertained by) while 2 different groups of girls across the country prepare to have their hearts broken. Umm...guys, Blake and Chris are totally doing it. And Chris is out. Sad, but expected. Until next time!!

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