Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reality Corner...in REAL LIFE!!!

i'm normally not one to name drop really because, you know, it's tacky. But, in this situation, it's necessary. Worlds collided for me yesterday, with a clash of reality corner starz.

the show i work on has celebrity guests every now and again. Yesterday, we had two; the normal weekly idol castoff that we get as well as one of my heroes (who...was slightly disappointing. word of advice - try not to meet your heroes.) So, side note -- LaKisha Jones is kind of amazing and it's sad that we didn't get to see too much of her personality on Idol because that show really made her seem like a dud. And she's nothing like that.

Ok, so I go out to greet my hero, amy, and she steps out of the car with a fellow who introduces himself as Jim. This fellow looks really familiar to me but i'm assuming it's her rep, so the context i'm placing him in doesn't logically meet up with what i'm seeing him as. we walk in and he asks me if there is a place that he can touch her up. So i'm like "okay, he's not her rep. i was right. This guy was totally on Shear Genius." (unfortunately, he was eliminated before SG was inducted into Reality Corner, so unless you watch the show, you won't know who he is...) So, then i'm overcome by the need for confirmation. We're all hanging around waiting for amy to go on camera and i say "excuse me, jim?" and he says "yes, sweetheart?" and i say "Umm...Were you on Shear Genius." To which he said "yes", laughed, and added "Shear LOSER!!" So i said something like 'oh no, you were great! you went too early!' -- which...who knows if that was true, i can't even remember that far back. but he graciously accepted that with a "Oh, thank you!!" and we are now bff. ok, not true, but he's definitely the nicest celebrity hair/makeup person i've ever met and we did a lot of arm-grabbing with each other.

The only thing that could've completed the day was if I walked into the greenroom at the end of the show and tyra was in there nibbling on some wings.


littlejeans said...

The only Amy I can think of off the top of my head is Sedaris. Confirm/deny?

Sara said...


Becca said...

oh! i just noticed this post now!

i think you have officially just gotten too cool to be my friend.

christine said...

do you think he was forever her stylist or that she saw him orange up that woman's hair and was like, that's the man for me!

ps, i am SO JEAL

pps, do you think jim from shear genius ever dyes the hair of A.S.'s taxidermied houseguests?

ppps - my guess was poehler. still jeal, though. way jeal.

christine said...

pppps - how soft were his inner forearms? or was it not that kind of arm grabbing.

Sara said...

1) i was very curious as to how long he's been in her employ
2)i hope he dyes the taxidermied houseguests
3)we were supposed to get poehler too, but she pulled out
4)all arm grabbing was sleeved

littlejeans said...

Second guess would have been--

Amy Tan