Thursday, May 17, 2007

SRC: Idol Finalists

another raw notes edition:

JORDAN'S PACKAGE (DIRTY!) - Jordan blah blahs for so long in detail describing what we are ABOUT TO SEE
-shot from behind @ auditorium - Giantess' view
-she is scared of this pack of children chasing her. legitimately scared.
-i think bff baylie is her gayle. baylie the gaylie.
-Haha. Ryan fools her. bitch thought she was safe because she was first up.

These idols challenges are RIDICULOUS! i wouldn't be proud to be honored on television for not only taking the question seriously, but calling in to answer.

BLAKE PACKAGE - Blake is adorable
-Woah. Fat kid. I love you like a fat kid loves Blake.
-Blake has a wonderful dad.
-Things get awkward when ryan makes multiple attempts to bounce blake's daddy off the stage.

Elliot Yamin - I love him! Can I still vote for him? I think he got veneers. Elliot steals the show from Ryan. I don't like how Seacrest words the tease for Melinda's package -- "Melinda goes home!"

MELINDA'S PACKAGE - Melinda sighs and twin koalas are born.

Maroon 5 performs. did the lead singer always look like this?

Jordin is first through. Melinda goes home. What. the fuck. This is some bullshit. Vote for Blake!

OMG. So, on Fox, at 10pm every night, the intro into the news is "It's 10pm, do you know where your children are?" So last night, they had Phil Stacey make the announcement. Well if that wasn't bad enough, he was in way heavy makeup and he was wearing his navy sailor suit. it is SO pedophilic!!! Who okayed this?

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